Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pickle Pop!!

I like Pickles. Regular old Dill Pickles. I'm not a big fan of those sweet pickles... bread & butter pickles... or anything of the sort. I just like plain old pickles. However... I'm not so sure about THIS...

(Photo: Fox News)

I came across this on the Fox News website as I was browsing the news... trying to find out what the deal is about the Post Office not delivering mail on Saturday (anyone heard the scoop on that yet??). If you are a pickle fanatic... you may have just found LOVE. I, however, just can't imagine eating one of these!!! If you want to read the full story... go HERE!!! I'm curious to know who thinks they would prefer a 'pickle pop' over a regular, sugary popcicle!? If I had the opportunity, I'd probably *try* a pickle pop...

Today, I am helping out a friend by addressing her wedding invites. There are over 200 envelopes to address, so I need to get crackin'! We just found out that the place where the Reception is being held, requires the guest count by April 1!!! (Wedding is in May) So things are running a bit behind!

Happy Tuesday Pickle Lovers!


  1. Hmmm, when I was pregnant I probably would have ate pickle pops by the dozens. Now a days I think I'll just stick to the real thing. Although I would definatly try it.

    Good luck, here's hoping that you don't get sore hands addressing all of those envelopes :)

  2. Ha! Pickle pops! How funny! :)

    The mail thing on Saturdays.....the P.O. is in the hole financially so they think this would help them save money.

    Who's invites are you doing?

  3. what about pickle yogurt. i think it may taste pretty good. shrimp yogurt pops too. thanks for diggin that one up today. happy saturday! me and my honey are going on a date to sushi roku in scottsdale! http://lara-serbin.blogspot.com/


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