Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am still in shock over my Stationery Swap Surprise (WOOT!)... I wanted to send you over to Lara's blog to see her post about the swap as well.

I am off to my hometown today! Only about an hours drive... but I'll be in the bug... and it's supposed to be windy today! That should make the drive quite interesting!! We pulled him out of storage on Sunday, but I'm having an issue with the brake lights, so my dad is going to take a look at it. (Don't worry, ONE light still works... so I won't be too hazardous out on the road!)

(This was last June when we were taking my nephew on a VW Car Cruise!)

I am on day 3 of not eating sweets. Let me tell ya... it's NO FUN! I miss my sugar! But I am doing well with it and fighting the cravings. I don't feel so sluggish either... which is a PLUS!

Oh... and one last little note......

Last night, I was awoken to the loud and very pathetic
of my cat... right outside our bedroom door. We keep her out of the bedroom most of the time because of Cory's allergies. If she lays all over our bed... it gets him all sniffley and sneezey. Anyway, since I was awake and it was obvious she wasn't going to stop crying, I decided to get up and see what her deal was. The instant I walked out of the bedroom, Weezer went running into the bathroom and started to eat. (We keep her food in there for lack of a better place to put it at the moment--where Boo can't get to it as easily). She ate and ate... and then ran out and went downstairs. She is so weird! I went back to bed and as soon as I laid my head on the pillow, I could hear her down in the living room batting around her favorite mouse toy.
This was at 1:45AM.
I will never understand the mind of a cat.
Why did she cry and cry outside of our door when she could have easily just walked in, ate food and then gone downstairs to play? I just don't get it. But I love her... so she is forgiven for waking me up. hehe

Here is the princess lounging around in the sun the other day...

(Even though she looks it, she really isn't mean... just a bit Sassy!)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Weezer is crazy!!! LOL You *know* why she is as crazy as she is.....she is spoiled!!! As is BOO!! You guys spoil your pets!!! They are treated like children! LOL

    The stuff you sent to your swap pal was great! :) The hair clips look so cute in the girls' hair! :)

    YAY! Devon is coming to town today!!!! :) I love when you come to town! Even if I don't see's my favorite day of the week...when you come to town. I don't know why...but it is! :) I told mom that one time and she agreed!!! :)

  2. ooooh were is your hometown? Have a fun drive, and hey, at least it's not snowing!!

  3. Hey, we both posted our cutie catty photos! That is too much you know! So we both like black cats! You are a great story teller. Are we to send out the swap once a month? Hope you have a great day!

  4. Hi Devon! That is funny that I thought we swap every month! that would be a bit ambitious! does megan assign us to different partners every month or are we done done. i mean we are never done! i don't want to force you or i to send stuff. i believe that sending stuff should be something you want to do not feeling like you have to. are you on facebook? can i add you to my group. would be easier to communicate.


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