Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday #18

When I was a junior and senior in high school, I decided (with my parents permission, of course) to home school. I hated going to school every day... the people... the classes... the pressures. I literally was sick from anxiety before we left to pick up a few of my sister's friends in her '67 beetle on the way to the high school each morning. (My sister can tell you ALL about it.. LOL!) I admit, my decision cost me some friendships. Looking back though, I realize that those were only "surface" friendships anyway. As real friends, we would have hung out regardless of whether or not we sat together at lunch or shared the same classes.

Anyway... in the winter of my senior year, I would drive over to my sister's place and she would help me with physics. I honestly don't remember anything about it... but I had to do the work and she was the one person I could go to that would explain it to me. Often times we would loaf around and watch Bob Ross on TV and not do the physics until the show was over... haha... and in the midst of it all, my sis would be running to the sink or toilet to gag at any smell (she was pregnant with her first). LOL! Oh, the memories.

During this time of tutoring... at one point her brother-in-law, who was still in high school also, brought over one of his friends. Somehow me and this friend got to hanging out... mostly at my sister's because he lived 25 mins away and her place was kind of the in between spot. He was nice, played on the basketball team, had a face like a baby doll... I really couldn't complain. We decided to "go out"... and during that time, he asked me to his prom. (He was a junior and went to a different school than the one I grew up in). I figured that since most of my friendships fizzled at my school when I decided to home school... I wouldn't miss much by not going to that prom (plus, I didn't technically GO to that school anymore, so I think I would've had to jump thru some hoops to get a ticket anyway). Oh, the thrill of going to prom with your boyfriend! I had never had a *boyfriend* take me to my previous 2 proms.

Well, at one point during our "going out"... we shared our first kiss! And OH WHAT A KISS THAT WAS!

Totally disgusting.

I didn't make a habit of going around kissing many guys... but man, that kid did NOT know how to kiss. I literally cringed at the thought of hanging out with him... wondering if he'd want to kiss me again. It was quite sad, really... because he was a nice guy. And what was I going to do? Tell him that he was an awful kisser!? (ICK!!) So... a few weeks before prom, we talked (not about the kissing!!) and decided that we would just be friends (phew!). I offered to NOT go to the prom with him... because I kind of knew he had his eye on someone else anyway... but I think his mom made him take me since we'd already committed to it. Or else he was just trying to be nice.

So I tanned, popped some diet pills... and got my hair done. The night came and I felt desperately awkward, although I actually felt good about the way I looked (which is RARE). We stopped at his house to say hello to his parents. Awkward. We went out to eat with some of his friends. Awkward. We went to the high school where family and friends were waiting with their cameras... snapping a bajillion pictures. Awkward. And then... I was left alone with a gym full of people I didn't know... and a guy that wasn't my boyfriend anymore. Needless to say, I didn't take many pictures. THEN, I had to go to a lodge for an "after prom over nighter" where, again, I knew no one really... and slept on the floor with bobby pins jabbing my scalp all night! Like I said... awkward.

Later on we found out that my mom LOST her roll of film before it got developed... so the photo your about to see is the only one I've got from that evening. (Some day I hope that we find that lost roll of film--just out of curiosity).

So here ya go... PROM 2001... one of the most awkward nights of my life.

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  1. I think that is such a cute picture! :) Wow...your memory is soo much better than mine! Was I throwing up still whenever I was helping you with Physics? Ack!

  2. Awww haha Gotta love those high school romances. I had a bad kisser boyfriend too. I also had a boyfriend who our whole relationship consisted of making out on the band bus. lol The drama.....

  3. Aw, cute! At least you went :) I only ever went to my Jr Prom and it was with my sister's best friend's brother...who was in college...and had a girlfriend. It was a total pity date. I vowed I would only go to my Sr Prom if I could find someone who I REALLY wanted to go with...even if only a I could have a good time. I never got a date. BOOOO.

  4. I guess I kind of expected that in the end of the story, you'd surprise us all with "And then this really cute boy that I had been watching all night came over and swept me off my feet, and a pumpkin turned into a carriage, and we rose away on magical unicorns together into the sunset, tra la la", haha. I've only had nightmares where somebody was THAT bad of a kisser, poor thing, haha.

  5. What a terrible story! I'm sorry. Does anyone really have a good time at the prom anyway? At least you looked pretty :)

  6. haha, thanks for the story. I remember writing letters back and forth with you and maybe back then you had sent a letter about him. Not all the details though. Of the "proms" I went to(at christian schools, so not big crazy proms) twice I went with a good guy friend and once I went with someone I had a crush on who was a bit crazy and weird and I can't believe I ever had a crush on him. And my night was awful too! The other years with my good friend were fun.

  7. I love this story! It so reminds me of my highschool experiences with boys! Thanks for the awesome story!

  8. I've got to say, this would be tremendously more funny if Mr Bad Kisser happened to stumble upon your blog and read this.

    Particularly if for who knows how long he thought that his smooching skills were stellar :P

    But look at the bright side, at least you can say that you had the offical HS Prom experience

  9. What a cute photo.

    Ahhh...high school. I never went to any of my proms. I had a boyfriend for each one and we decided for some reason not to go.

  10. what a great flashback!

    you had us right there
    with you.


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