Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday #17

I skipped Flashback Friday last week. I just seemed to have other things going on and no time to search for a photo. But this week... I found one from prom. I've gone to 3 proms in my life. The first was shared a number of weeks ago right here on Flashback Friday. My date looked like a leprechaun and I barely had a reason to even buy a dress. If you're interested in that story... you can view it HERE.

This week is a picture with my cousin Meghan (again... we spent most of our growing up years together!) and our friend Will. He didn't go to our school... but his girlfriend did... so he came to our prom. I really don't remember much about that evening... except WHY did I wear a blue leopard print dress? Truly, I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe it was in my efforts to try to be different than anyone else... yet not TOO different. Who knows! Gross.
(Not sure what is up with our mouths... weird.)

If you'd like to participate in Flashback Friday... or read some of the other fun Flashbacks from others... check it out over at Christopher & Tia's!!


  1. Ow ow! Hot ladies!!

    *I wish I had a prom dress*

  2. Hey, I like your blue leopard print dress!

  3. Great shot!

    I never went to any of my proms.

  4. You are so funny! I love the comments that you make! I opened the box of goodies from you! You are adorable! I love everything. I feel like a queen now with all this cool stationary! Yes, Eva and Lily are my kids. They love the flower barets. I am sending out your treasure either today or tomorrow. Eva has made some things for you. hugs. Lara Serbin


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