Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bath Time for Boo!

We have found 2 ticks on Boo in the past few days. We think they were dead because they came out without a hitch and her flea/tick meds are supposed to kill them shortly after they attach... but it's still GROSS nonetheless. There is nothing worse (ok, there ARE worse things...) than rubbing your pup's neck and your fingers brush past those hard tick shells. (Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies).

Cory did some research about when is a good time to give your dog a bath before they get their dose of monthly tick meds. They say to bathe 2 days before the meds... so last night was BATH TIME!

Boo did really good... and boy, she was dirty!

(Doesn't she look pitiful?)

After her bath, I had a fun time blow drying her. She LOVES it! It didn't get her all of the way dry, but it helped her not have to shake a billion times. (Which is nice for ME since then I don't have to wipe all of the splatter off of the wall!).

Here she is... ALL CLEAN and HAPPY!
(and a little frizzy!) :)

We love our clean Boo pup!

On a side note, Cory weighed himself yesterday and then picked up Boo and weighed them both together. She is 82 lbs! That is not good! She is about 12 lbs overweight. Last June she was 67 lbs! We are going to have to get her back down before her next vet appointment!! (and we don't even feed her people food!)


  1. Baby boo is clean! ;) She's seriously so spoiled.....getting blow dried! LOL That's funny! Ruthie would run for her life if I tried to do that!


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