Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh, the Humidity!!

I have been keeping pretty busy lately... although I don't have anything overly exciting to write about.

I have been going to Physical Therapy for my back issues... which has been helping TREMENDOUSLY!!! Other than that I have been cooking and cleaning and sewing. I sewed a couple of aprons... and gave one away as a bridal shower gift before I remembered to take a picture of it. It was cute though... not exactly what I was hoping for... but the bride seemed to like it! That's the important thing!

Cory and I splurged a little and went to the county fair, which is only about a 3 minute drive from our house. I admit, there wasn't a whole lot to do because we don't ride the rides... and the food is so expensive! But we walked around and checked out the animals and the Expo building. We went into the ride/game area and found... of all things... the CRANE games! We are crane game addicts... so we played that a number of times--which was considerably cheaper than playing regular carnival games. We kept winning!! We seriously had 6 stuffed animals... ... so we traded in 5 of them for this big Care Bear! Just what we need, I know... but it was fun!!! Oh, I almost forgot... earlier in the week, my mom brought my sister's kids out for the parade. Despite a limo breaking down at the very beginning and having to be jumped by another limo... it was a pretty decent parade. We left before it ended because we were tired and my mom had a long drive back home. Here are the kids with their cotton candy... That's right.. Sugar them up and send them home! LOL!

Cory finished the chicken run and it took awhile for the girls to realize it was OK to come outside! Once they came out though, they didn't want to go back in!! I have to wait for some nice weather so that I can stain the coop. I probably should've done it right off the bat, but oh well.

Yesterday we had a tornado warning... which wasn't surprising since the weather was so wacky and humid!! I closed the chickens in the coop... and Cory rounded up the dog and cat to take to the basement... and I gathered up some photo albums (don't want to lose those!) just in case. We waited until the warning was over before we went back to "normal" life. It didn't even rain or anything... so we were lucky... although I could go for a nice cool rain shower right now!! I spent the morning cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming and doing dishes. I was drenched in sweat from the stifling heat upstairs!!! I had lunch with my cousin, who was on her way through... and now I'm back home getting ready to hang up my "printer's drawer" shelf (for all of my little knick knacks). I usually don't do these things without Cory for fear I'll mess up and put too many holes in the wall. But, I want to get this thing up and since I have the motivation, I am just going to go for it!

I hope everyone is staying nice and cool in this HOT and HUMID weather!!

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