Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Girls...

Things are back to normal at the Hen House. The new girl is adjusting... I named her Tilly. We have some work to do on her to fatten her up... but that shouldn't be too hard! We have been getting a fair amount of eggs from all of the girls and expect to get more as the weather improves (slowly, but surely)!!

Today I plan on sewing some things for my Mother In Laws birthday (Friday)... and running to the store... so there isn't much to report on.

I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my babies.

I love it when Weezer lays in weird positions. I know, I'm biased! What can I say!?

Boo is the biggest baby EVER... and was lounging back on Cory. It looks like he is holding her... but he really isn't. We often rub her legs... so that's why he is "holding" her leg. She is SO spoiled!! :)

We love our girls!!


  1. I like the name Tilly :)

    Your babies are too cute NOT to spoil!

  2. Boo is soooo cute!
    Our big ol' dog is spoiled like a baby too. Gotta love um!! :)


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