Monday, March 22, 2010

Have You Ever...

...watched a chicken lay an egg?

Sometimes Cory and I like to watch our chickens. They are funny little creatures at times... and are actually quite amusing to watch as they run around, trying to snatch up little pieces of food and bugs. It may sound silly, but they each seem to have their own personalities. We have one chicken (Maxine) who seems to rule the roost. Of course, only having 6 chickens makes it easier to observe them and keep track of which chicken is which.

Friday, we got this huge egg... which was thrilling to my easily amused mind!

Then, yesterday afternoon, Cory decided to turn over some dirt in the chicken run. Naturally they have picked all of the grass out of the run... so it's just a big fenced in slab of dirt and pooh now. Turning the earth allows the chickens to spend time picking at little pieces of roots and bugs, etc. I went up with him to throw some scraps to them... and eventually one of the chickens hauled butt into the coop and sat down in one of the nesting boxes. I don't really know how long it takes a chicken to lay an egg... but I assumed that since she went straight into the box, she was hoping to lay soon. So I watched. And I waited. I tried to get a couple of different angles to view from. The chicken kept fidgeting and getting up to turn around in the box. Finally, she stood up. So I strained to see if there was an egg in the box. The angle definitely wasn't the best and all I could see was her feet and a little bit of feathers. Just as I was about to give up and walk back down to the house with Cory... I sat there crouched on the ground thinking, 'I should make it a point to watch a chicken lay an egg someday before I die.' I mean, how many people REALLY have ever seen a chicken lay an egg?? (Unless they watched it on YouTube or something). I was just about to get up... and then all of a sudden... PLOP!!! The egg just dispensed right out onto the floor of the nesting box! The chicken was standing when she laid the egg! Definitely NOT what I was expecting! It was SO neat though! I think Cory snickered and shook his head at me for being so excited... but hey, it's not every day you see a chicken lay an egg!! Like I said before, I'm easily amused. :)

I don't like to get into politics on my blog... but I thought that THIS article was very informative on health care. NOTE: I oppose the gov't health care plan... and I do not wish to debate. Plain and simple.


  1. hahahahaha! Yeah...I watched one of our girls lay an egg once and I got all excited about it too. If I remember correctly...Chris's reaction was similar to Cory's!!! hahaha! :)

  2. I needed that story this morning. Wonderful snap shot of what you saw. i like watching chickens too! have a wonderful day!


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