Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's June... crap!

Well, today is the first day of June... it's been a pretty relaxed day. After church, Cory and I went to the flea market. All we ended up buying was a big knuckle bone for Boo to chew on. Then we went to the grocery store because, though I went there yesterday... I didn't get everything I needed. We came back to my house and Cory worked on dishes and baking me Flax Seed Brownies (YUM!)... AND he made me food to take to work the next couple of days for lunch. I'm telling you what! I am SPOILED! I didn't do all that much - besides hang out some laundry and put groceries away. I wasn't feeling too hot. The rest of the evening (until Cory had to leave) was spent watching Gilmore Girls. We are addicted. Yes, me AND Cory. LOL... my sister thinks that the characters in the show talk too fast... but you get used to it. It's funny and quirky and good-hearted. It's something that Cory and I enjoy spending the evening on the couch and watching when we actually get time. Since I don't have cable or dish, etc... we pop in DVDs... and I don't mind really. Having cable isn't all that big a deal to me. Sure, it would be nice to have some other options... but having no TV (besides one snowy channel that gives me the local news in the AM and evening) is tolerable and helps me to do other things... like read! Of course, having the laptop right in the living room does make it easy to access national news... and other things. I have to be careful not to use the laptop in place of vegging in front of the TV. But all in all... I think I do pretty good trying to balance. Sometimes I put off things... like dishes... or whatever....... but I mean well!! lol

Anyway - so it's June and I have so much going on this month! I have a meeting Tuesday and possibly Thursday. My cousin is graduating on the 6th... so I am driving 4 hours away for her grad party. The next day is Cory's birthday (hooray!)... and then Monday is another meeting.. (and possibly again Thursday). The 14th, Cory and I are going with some friends to a baseball game... I think its in MD... but I'm not 100% sure. Then the next week is the laurel festival in my town. I have SO much to do!!! We are having a community mural (this is last years) which I have to get all ready and together. I am still waiting for donations of paint and brushes, and volunteers!!! That night we are also having a drum circle, praise band, face painting, and other activities. Then, the 21st we are having a Community Praise Celebration with a speaker... free hot dogs and drinks... and hopefully praise and worship music (its like pulling teeth trying to find a praise team). That day is a bon fire at a friends - so Cory and I have to cut out early to go to that. Then the 28th is a band a the Teen Center... but I also might have a meeting for church with a possible pastor (our church is looking for a new one and I'm on the committee). June is going to FLY... but its also going to be CRAZY! I have so much to plan and do... it's nuts. Not to mention work and all the stuff in between! Please pray that our Community Mural and Community Praise Celebration will go well! It's been stressful having to get stuff together!

It's funny that my neighbors are letting their teenage son - who is not yet old enough to drive........ take his elementary age brothers on a dirt bike - back the road.... with NO helmets!!! Sheesh. My road is not a main road - although they have to ride on the main road to get to my road. But it's still a busy road... and its dusk! I can do nothing but shake my head... I don't understand some things sometimes.

Well, I hope that all is well for you bloggers and lurkers. I will still be reading many of your blogs through the busy month of June - but I probably won't have a ton of time to comment! I will keep you posted on my happenings as they happen!!

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  1. Oh my goodness...i love the gilmore girls!!! It's like the best show!! I love how they talk to each other and there mother daughter's such a good show I was just watching it on dvd last night bad it went off the air:( but at least i got my dvd seasons to


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