Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Unfortunate News!

This may sound silly... but if you are at all sentimental... you will understand.

At Christmas time, our church was in a flurry of preparation for the different services throughout December, etc. My mom graciously offered to loan her Betsy doll to play the part of baby Jesus in the manger. Betsy is old and rough looking. Her hair is funky and really, has just been totally loved. My mom has had her since she was a child. Today, my mom was in the guest room at her house and it hit her... WHERE WAS BETSY!? She remembered that the last place she would've been (other than the guest room) was the church. She called and asked if the lady there would see if she could find her. Then she called me and was really upset and crying that someone may have thrown Betsy away. I know it may seem silly... crying over a doll... but this was a special doll. I think she even said it was her first doll ever! I felt AWFUL. It even made ME cry!! So, at 9:30 was break at work.... I punched out and buzzed up to the church to look. I looked in the nursery, the closet, the christmas storage.. and the other lady looked in the choir room. Nothing. The pastor said he remembered seeing her at the CHURCH CLEAN UP not too long ago. He assured me that Betsy was not thrown away then. He knew she was my mom's and he knew that no one threw her away. He'd even seen her not too long ago. But she is missing. I felt awful when I left there. The only hope I have is that she is somewhere at my mom's house... and my mom just doesn't remember that she brought her home and put her in an odd place. PLEASE pray that we can find Betsy. It will mean a lot to my mom... I know we can't take treasures with us to Heaven... but it will break my heart to know that my mom can't enjoy the presence of Betsy in her home anymore.

Also, I did the weight tracker thing for my Weight Watchers... and because of my weight and how much I've lost... I am now down from eating 25 pts a day... to 18! EIGHTEEN PEOPLE! That is pretty much like starving!!! I know I have the Fall-Back Points to use if needed... and if I would exercise - that would give me extra points... but HOLY COW! My choices are - stick with the 18 points and try to keep losing weight... or start trying to maintain where I am. I don't want to "give up" now by maintaining.... so it may be hard... but I'm going to try to keep going.

One more thing... actually... two. This AM... I was late for work because Boo had thrown up in her crate.... and wouldn't go in!! I didn't know what her deal was until I saw. YUCK!!! So I had to clean that up.... and it made me late! SHEESH! Plus - it was gross. Then... My dad called and the damage to my car is $2,500!! The adjuster is going to come take a look-see...


  1. I hope they find mom's doll!!! i know she is sooo bummed about it!

    WOW...that is some super expensive damage to your jetta....but you will only have to pay your deductible..luckily :).

    Sorry you were late for work. Did you get in trouble? I hope Boo is feeling better!!!

    By the way...CONGRATS on the weight loss! That is great devon. i know 18 points isn't much...but you CAN do this!!! Maybe this is what you need to push you to exercise you have more points to eat! :) I weigh in TOMORROW!!! :)

  2. Well, if you are down to 18 points then you must be pretty skinny right? I won't even tell you how many points I get!



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