Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today at Work...

Hopefully I don't get in trouble for posting pics that I took at work... but I just wanted to share with you what my new surroundings are... and my task for the day. And also introduce you to my coworkers.

This is Bob and John... they were shrink wrapping something - I guess. They keep me laughing...

This is my new work area... shared with the guys. It is a bit cramped... and the stool is a bit uncomfy. I have no where to put anything! Notice my sweatshirt balled up underneath.. and my raincoat! LOL!

And last, and MOST OF ALL... LEAST... this is my task. What is that?? Well, that is an electric forklift. It's actually really fun to drive.... but my job is to degrease it.. clean it up... and then I will be painting it - with a brush. Yes, I've been demoted. At least for the day. *sigh*... but at least its keeping me busy... I don't have a whole lot else to do!!! (Aren't I such a doll in my hard hat? LOL! GAG!)

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  1. devon...delete that comment above mine....some sicko jerk!

    wow...your space is cramped! But...i am glad you are sticking with it and staying strong! Try to keep smiling!!! xoxo


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