Thursday, May 29, 2008

A New Way of Thinking...

Well, if you read my previous posts... you know that I've been battling whether or not to stay at my job. Yesterday and today... a couple of people said some things to get my wheels turning in this head of mine. They didn't even know that they said it... but I guess maybe my ears were open for once! Anyway, I weighed my options and whats going on in my life (or may be in the near future)... and the logical solution is to stay put. I have 4.5 years in this job... and instead of feeling trapped, I need to feel happy that I've kept this job so long. I'm blessed to have decent hours (5:30am-3:30pm--depending on the day), which makes it nice to have my evenings open to spend with Cory and family, to go to meetings at church and also keep volunteering at the teen center. I get paid a decent wage for not having any education besides highschool and a semester of BLAH college. I have worked up to 8 vacation days. I get to wear jeans and a tshirt and a sweatshirt to work every day (we just had a dress-code talk today... and I am exempt from the appropriate office attire since I work out in the shop delivering and such each day). After emailing back and forth about some questions for this "new/changed" position with my supervisor... I learned that I may get my own NEW office near the warehouse (which means the crankypants who shares my office now won't be able to pull the speaker jacks out of my computer when I'm listening to WORK FRIENDLY music!). I will still get to organize the ladie's Christmas party (last year was a HUGE success)! I won't have to get a job in the next town over--which would cost more gas $! If Cory and I decide to get married, I can work and save... until we decide to have a family. AND... I'll still get to drive a forklift sometimes and be outside--but be able to go INSIDE on the yucky days. If I were to get a new job there would be a whole bunch of new stuff to learn. Pressure to perform my duties well... and honestly, I'm not looking for a CAREER. I think my main problem these days is with my attitude. If I actually say HELLO to people as I walk past them.. instead of watching my feet. If I say that I'm doing well when asked "How are ya?" - instead of "I'm here...". It's not always going to be peachy... but if I look at the future... I think I would be less "stuck" to keep this job and look forward to saving up for a family one day.... than to start from scratch and then have to inform my new employer that I'm going to be a Stay At Home Mom once I have a family. So--that's whats been in my head today.

I'm off to a meeting at church.... Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!


  1. That is FANTASTIC devon!!! I am soo glad you have decided to be content in your position! God will definitely take care of you! I am really super happy for you!!!!! :) AND..i am super happy that i am losing this weight before you and Cory decide to get married...LOL ;0)

  2. That's a great way to be positive! I am glad that you are trying to think that way Devon. That encouraged me to try to be optimistic about my life! God will keep opening the doors for you, just keep on praying and going about your day! :) Smile! ~Jillian~


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