Friday, June 20, 2008

Sidewalk Sale!!!

So - Here I am at the Laurel Festival Sidewalk Sale! I was SO nervous while I was setting up. Just the feeling of being inadequate and no one wanting/liking my stuff. But I've had a lot of nice comments and I've sold 2 pairs of earrings and 2 pieces of pottery! WOO HOOO!!! My niece is here with me now to keep me company... and luckily... I have my laptop and wireless also!!

Here are some of my home grown strawberries... everyone LOVES them! I am inviting people to take one... and they all seem pleased! And it helps for a conversation starter!!

**WEIGHT WATCHER UPDATE---LOL! Ok.. so you may have read in my previous posts about how I logged in my weight loss... and it took me down to 18 points..... LOL... I'm a geek! I logged it in wrong. I think 18 pts was the lowest they could put me at so I wouldn't starve to death - but when I figured out my mistake... it bumped me back up to 22 points! HALLELUJAH!**


  1. You are doing so well!!! I hope Madelyn is behaving for you!!! :)

    I hope you are able to sell more today! :) it is such a beautiful day out! I am going to clean. I need to keep myself busy!

    Did you check out the pic of the kids on my blog?? you will have to go see it!! :)

  2. Your stuff is so pretty you make!! The strawberries looked beautiful and yummy:)


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