Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fresh Strawberries Anyone??

Today is Father's Day (duh)... but unfortunately, my dad is sick with a migraine headache. I think it might even be so bad that he is throwing up! ICK! I feel awful for him... but I ran over his Father's Day card and gifts... then pretty much turned around and came back over to my house. I didn't make him open the stuff in front of me. I figured he would do it in his own good time!

Here is a pic of the FIRST round of strawberries from my back yard! YUMMMMMMY!

Since it's a nice day out and all... Cory decided to put up a fence around our over-grown strawberry bed. The whole plan when we did the strawberries... was to plant them in two raised beds. Made sense. Well, time ran out and only one bed got made... but we had to plant the strawberries... (that was last year). So... now we actually do have two beds... but the first one has double what it should. So things are a little zaney... and the weeds have gotten a little out of control as well! I'm not much of a gardener... although I'd like to be! Cory does most of the work... especially when it comes to putting up fences, etc. I tried to help, but he asked me to go back in because he was doing better by himself! LOL! Some help I am! But I figure that if he needs to deal with his frustrations with the stupid chicken wire on his own... that is fine by me! LOL! I worked on laundry and dishes (and took him out some lemonade). Oh yes... and may I introduce you to our little strawberry THIEF? A-hem! Yes, that's right. And we were worried about rabbits!
I also started going through some books that Cory's mom sent over. They are the books from when he was a kid!! There are four boxes of them... just like this one! WOW! I commented on how nicely kept they were... and Cory mused that it was probably because his parents read them to him and then put them away so he couldn't trash them (you should hear his stories about how he played with his matchbox cars. lets just say that it involves a vise...). Anywho. The books were soooo cute and sweet... and I did find some with obvious "cory touches"... check out the artwork.

And he seemed to like the airplane stickers as well! LOL. I especially liked the Bambi book. I have never seen one like it... (at least for Bambi). It's almost like a comic book. It's kind of neat. I spent quite a bit of time going through box #1... now I'm off to rifle through 2, 3 and 4!!

Hope you are all having a nice weekend!!


  1. I love fievel!!! Those books look great! The artwork is too fun! :)

    Thanks for the pics you took of chris and cory working on the pipeline today. I posted about it if you want to go read it.

    Your strawberries look fantastic!!! YUM!!! Have you tasted them? How are they?

    That is a GREAT pic of boo!! She looks soo...innocent..teehee!!!

  2. Oh wow, what I wouldn't do to have some of those strawberries!!!! I bet they taste SO good!

    So what are you going to do with all the books?

    Take care


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