Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Few Things....

First, I want to ask for you to please pray for my bro-in-law, Chris. He left bright and early this morning for a Mission Trip to Romania! Also, please pray for my sister and her family as they deal with him being away and handling things (and emotions) around the house!!

The other thing.. is THANK YOU JESUS that it didn't rain last night! It was kind of chilly - but the weather held out and we even had some sunshine for our Laurel Festival Activities out on the street. I am disappointed because the praise band was worried about their equipment getting wet... so they set up in the Columbia Theatre. (So... not many people even knew they were around)... but the Mural went GREAT! And the drum jam went well also. It (the drum jam) wasn't quite what I was expecting... I was thinking... MORE FUNK... less tribal....... BUT - I can't complain... and people seemed to enjoy it! I will post pictures as soon as I can with everything. I am so excited to share them with you!

Also, on Friday I am taking a vacation day off of work (hallllllelujahh!) to sell some of my pottery, jewelry and mittens at a sidewalk sale in town. Weird combination, I know... but I can't make just one kind of craft... I will bore too easily. So - wish me luck!! I will also be having some fliers, etc at my table to promote a prayer time next week that we're going to have at The Scarlet Cord Teen Center - to encourage people to come out and pray for our youth and see where God is leading us... please pray that a lot of people show interest!!! Oh yeah--and Saturday is our Community Praise Celebration at the dam.......

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