Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Ride Home... Loretta the Jetta Has an Accident

I have some unfortunate news. Yesterday, on the ride home from my Cousin's Graduation party... I hit a deer. :( My dad and I drove down on Saturday morning... and then had to come home on Saturday evening. It was a 3.5 hour drive... and on the way home... my dad was scanning for deer on the hill sides. ONE deer is all we saw. ONE! That was when it was still light outside and it was WAY far away. Then... about 30 miles from home... it was getting pretty dark and WHOOSH! A deer comes gliding across the road (the interstate) and I tensed and swerved a bit to the left... and WHAM! It slammed into the front passenger side of my car and then flung off the side of the road into pieces. (Sorry if that's a bit graphic). Luckily it went off the road... and not into the path of anyone else (as far as we could tell). We both were like WHOA!!!! and I announced that my whole body ached from tensing up... and then we laughed. Kept driving... and laughed. If I had been by myself I would've been freaking out... totally. But we just laughed and my dad said that it was good business for him! (He's in auto body) So... when we got home... we pulled up to the outside light... and lo and behold... it broke the grille, headlight, bumper, fender, hood and dented the passenger door. OI VEY! I had to call the insurance company hotline... since it was a weekend - I couldn't get a hold of a human. What a pain. I just got this car in October! Sure, it's an 04... but hey... that's new to me! And her name is Loretta - that's what the previous owner informed me when I bought her. Speaking of... I bought her off of Ebay. Pretty nuts... you can never trust buying a vehicle off of Ebay - but I did and it was a GREAT experience. SOOOO... Praise the Lord that my dad and I weren't hurt... but lets cross our fingers that the insurance company will cover everything and put that gal back as good as new!

In other weekend news... the grad party went well. It was too flippin' hot to have it outside... so my aunt got an air conditioner and it kept things pretty cool inside. There was a ton of food... I ate too much for my diet... but oh well. Here is a pic of my niece when we went to the grocery store to pick up a few extra things. I LOVE those little shopping carts!!!

And the most EXCITING news.... TODAY IS CORY'S 26th BIRTHDAY!!!!! I got him a grill.... I think he likes it! I didn't put it together or get a propane tank - because I am just not all about that type of thing. But I tried to get a nice one that wasn't too lame or too over-the-top. He even said today that he was thinking about bringing out his mini grill (for his football game tail-gating)... so that worked out well! My sister's family got him a grilling cook book and my parents got him a whole set of grilling utensils in a case. My sister's boys wanted to help open the presents.. hehe.



  1. I am sooo glad you and dad are alright. sorry your car got so damaged though :(.

    Thanks for having us over for Cory's bday! It was fun! I Hope he liked his gifts!!!

    Happy Monday! :)

  2. I'm glad you weren't hurt! Jason hit a deer once it totalled his car!

  3. Wow Devon, it's a good think you weren't hurt or seriously injured because of the deer! It scares me because I was driving home 2 nights ago and as I turned a corner I saw a male and female 5 feet from the road! I kept repeating "please don't run in front of my car, please don't run in front of my car." They didn't (thankfully). Anyway, I sent your letter on it's way and your new Jetta looks really nice (well before the deer)!

  4. So glad that you are safe Nen. My husband hit one this year too and totally messed up the front of his truck. But we also we just thanking the Lord that he was safe.

    Happy Birthday Cory!

    Thanks for your prayers for Colton!



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