Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request!!!!

This afternoon, one of Cory's friends, Mark (a police officer in Baltimore, MD) was shot during some kind of undercover gang work. I'm not sure of the whole story... but apparently the bullet went into his right thigh and shattered the bone. He lost a lot of blood, but was taken to the hospital and was to have surgery tonight. His parents had a police escort down to MD (they live in PA). Please keep Mark in your prayers that all goes well with the surgery, etc... and please keep his family in your prayers for comfort in this crazy time!! I know its really shaken everyone up!

Thank you!

More pics and stuff about my dad's bday tomorrow!!

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  1. I pray he is doing OK devon..and I posted about this on my blog (and linked here) and many are praying for him!!!


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