Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In the Driver's Seat....

So, today after work, I came home and played with Boo in the back yard. I took a shower and did a few things around the house... then I went in to town to my dad's body shop to see if he wanted to get some dinner (my mom was away for the day... and Cory was visiting friends). I went to a local pizza shop and ordered dinner... then called Cory while I waited. (Don't worry--I got myself salad!! Although I've been absolutely horrible with watching what I eat--I LOVE sweets! UGH!). After I got the food, I drove back to the shop and my dad and I sat in the break room eating dinner while watching The Beverly Hillbillies on TVLand. LOL. It was actually kind of funny... I much prefer Mr. Ed though. Anywho. We drove out to a ladie's house so my dad could drop off her car, I picked him up in my car... then we took a drive out to my grandpa's to check out the damage on his mercedes. Someone rear-ended him going 45 MPH. Looks like its going to be totaled... which is probably for the best. After that, we went to these people's house in town - they wanted my dad to haul their shed to another location. I felt like a criminal because we were driving really slow to figure out which shed it might be. THEN, we got out and my dad went to look at it and measure to see if it'd fit on the truck and to make sure his truck could even get to it. Talk about REALLY feeling like a criminal, walking around someone's back yard! They knew he was going to come look at it though... so I guess that made it OK. LOL... After that we drove back to the shop and my mom called - I ran inside for a minute and when I came out... my dad was outside with his new (used) GIGANTIC tow truck. "Wanna go for a ride?!"... of course I ran around and hopped in. We drove a couple of miles down the road and when he went to turn around.. he put it in park and said "Wanna drive?!"... I was like.. "WOO HOO!!!" I climbed across the seat and he came around to the passenger side (I buckled my seat belt! thankyouverymuch)... and off we went!! It was so weird!! It's HUGE compared to anything I've ever driven! I've driven his other trucks--but they definitely weren't this big. Come on, I'm used to driving a little Jetta.. and a vw bug... talk about a difference! (Although driving my vw camper took awhile to get used to!) This tow truck was so fun. I felt powerful and in control!!! So, I didn't go over 45 MPH... but I felt like I was going 80.... not that I would know what going 80 feels like... ahem. ;) Anyway... it was fun... and I'm glad I went! My sis invited me out to play the Wii... But I just don't have the energy to jump around and move. Sitting and driving was A-OK by me! And the best part... was that I pretty much spent the whole evening with my dad. That means a lot. :)


  1. Hi Katy's sister (right?!) Thank you for visiting my Blog!!
    I like your Blog! I'll be back in the next day or two to check out your Etsy shop as well..!

    Take care
    Nova Scotia

  2. Glad you had a fun night dev :).

  3. Sounds wonderful to have your dad all to yourself and be able to drive the big truck! I'm a wimp. My hubby wanted me to drive a big flatbed truck...well, not actually drive, it had run out of gas and had to be towed, so he wanted me to sit in it and steer, and I wouldn't. Such a wimp.

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  5. Nothing like a date with dad! How special!

    Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes. Made my day!


  6. I got my package yesterday! Thank you so much! Your were too generous! I love your earings. I've been sporting them with my new do! Did you make the little book and pillow? They are just so cute!! Love it all. Thanks!!!!!
    I posted my prizes on my blog. :)

  7. Hello, my FRIEND!

    It feels like it's been FOREVER since I've "talked" with you. I'm SORRY I've been out of pocket for so long. My hubby has been home A LOT lately and I've not had as much free time on the computer. I have checked in with you (and a few of my other blogging buddies) but never took the time to comment.

    I LOVED your newest pranks. You guys are a HOOT! Our boys watched the two most recent ones with me.. they though it was SOOOOOOO FUNNY! (And it was) =-)

    I hope your feeling better these days (that your "bug" or whatever that was is gone). I'll email you tomorrow hopefully and catch up.


  8. Cute story Devon (about the tow truck)! hehe You are a good writer!!! :) ~Jillian~

  9. Hey, that sounds like fun to ride!! It's such good time spent to be hanging with your dad, memories you will no doubt share with your children one day!


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