Sunday, April 20, 2008



AAAHHHHH!! I DO NOT like spiders. AT ALL. Never will I ever not take the opportunity to kill one. I don't care if its mean... I don't care if that means I'll have a few more "bugs" around that the spider(s) would normally eat. UGH! I hate them.

The other day... I woke up to find one in my shower. It was no biggie... one of those daddy long leg looking ones with a longer body. It still gave me the willies... and it's now dead.

That same day... I came home and decided to let Boo out real quick. I grabbed my cell to call Cory and let Boo out the door. As I was standing outside on my porch IN FLIP FLOPS... I thought I saw something scurry by. Oh yes.. it was a brown/black spider. Big chunky thing. ICK!!! I stepped on it.

Then, last night... I came home from the teen center... and was letting Boo out... and when I opened my screen door... I thought I saw something move down by the bottom of it(outside). I waited for boo to be done and when she came back in... there it was! It was still on the ground outside of my door... but it was way too close. I stomped on it.

Then - just a few minutes ago.... I was letting Boo outside after she ate her breakfast and luckily I was wearing slippers with a hard bottom on them!! As soon as I opened the door... one of those nasty brown spiders ran INTO my house! I freaked and stomped on it. UGH!!!!!

I think I'm becoming paranoid. I keep getting the willies and feel like I have to be on the constant lookout around me. YUCK! The little spiders aren't as bad... but these brown ones just freak me out! They are kind of big... they are brown with black stripes on their back... and a velvety texture. (Like Cory's head when he doesn't shave it for a couple of days.... LOL!) No, but seriously. I tried to look it up... and the Black House Spider seems to be the closest fit. I can't stay on the pages very long because the pictures freak me out.

UGH. I am thinking about having Cory spray around my doors and windows to try to repel them. I think they like the porch because of my porch light and the little flying bugs it attracts. I know they are God's creatures too... but yyyiiiikes.. I just can't hack it!


  1. Ewwwwwwwwwwww! I would definitely have Cory spray around your house...YUCK!!!!

    In the summer...spiders seem to like our bathroom weird?

  2. Hi Nen :)

    I hate spiders too... yuck! My son is scared to death of them and even though he's 17 he screams like a girl everytime he sees them LOL

    Thank you so much for coming by my blog :)


  3. Spiders can BITE ME.


    Spiders can KISS MY BUTT.

    Okay, that doesn't work either. Crap.

  4. I have seen stuff at the hardware store that you sprinkle around the outside of your house that repels them - worth a try - I hate em too - now I have the heebie geebies ACK!

  5. Hey There, FRIEND!

    Gosh, it's been SO LONG since I've been "out." Our little home church group has started doing the "house to house" meetings on Sunday mornings and it was OUR turn to host this past Sunday. Needless to say I spent the latter part of last week CLEANING like a MAD WOMAN! Yesterday, I FINALLY worked outside planting the flowers that I bought almost TWO WEEKS ago but hadn't planted yet because we were suddenly looking at a FROST! UGH! I'm HAPPY to have THAT behind me... I'm REALLY BLISTERED and am HAPPY to be INSIDE and taking it EASY today.

    Now, about those nasty spiders...

    When I was just about to get into bed last night I noticed something scurrying across my bed. (My hubby had the TV on so there was a little light.. it's when he pulled the covers back to let me in that I saw it.. AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) Oh, MY! I FREAKED! I'm with you... SPIDERS HAVE TO GO! We've killed at least TWO Brown Recluse spiders INSIDE the house (PRAISE GOD, they didn't bite anyone!) and also a couple of Black Widows OUTSIDE! Then there are these other little spiders of every shape and color that we'll see. It's those that I KNOW are poisonous that REALLY FREAK ME OUT! However, ALL SPIDERS ARE BAD, BAD, BAD in my book! Stomp em, girl! ;-D

    I'm excited to try your pie recipe. That sounds SOOOOOOOO YUMMY! Hey, I've got a neat dessert you can try.....

    What you'll need...

    Chips Ahoy Dessert

    3 1/2 tubes of Chips Ahoy cookies
    1 bowl of milk
    1 large tub of Cool Whip (or two small ones) You might even want 2 large... just to make sure you have enough.

    Dip the cookies in milk for one second and crumble into container. Alternate layers of cookie mixture and cool whip. A goal might be one tube per layer, top with final layer of Cool Whip and the remaining 1/2 tube of DRY (UNDIPPED) cookies.

    It is SOOOOOO GOOD! This is my boys' FAVORITE dessert!

    Okay, I didn't mean to take up your whole comment section. LOL! I guess I'll go now.

    OH, I got the package in the mail this weekend. The jewelry is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you! (LOVE IT, LOVE IT!)


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