Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Serving God, or Man?

I have been thinking about the issue of what does it mean to serve God... and/or serve Man? I mean, where is the line drawn? There are so many denominations and opinions, pastors, books, speakers... who says who is right?? I believe we should follow the Bible... but others believe we should look into history to see how the "early" church did things...

I am at work with a limited amount of time... but I found this link to a Washington Post Article that I thought was interesting. How do we know we aren't following a cult? Cory was telling me yesterday about a Baptist Group from the mid-west who were reportedly making plans to travel to Western PA to PROTEST the funeral of the 10 victims who lost their lives in a tragic fire not far from here. I think that is CRAZY! They think that it was God's wrath coming upon these people. I think those people are nuts! It could maybe have been the fact that the people couldn't afford the rising price of gas to heat their home--and were using kerosene/space heaters - which is believed to have caused the blaze. Maybe those people should go protest the gas companies!? Its a shame that people... like those in the radical Baptist Group give others of us (who happen to be Baptist as well) a bad name. What a witness! (sorry--went on a rant there!)

I am curious to know your thoughts... scripture verses are welcome!

I have to get back to work - its a BEAUTIFUL day!!!


  1. oh my goodness...that is just horrible. I think protests of radical believers...are just ridiculous and a horrible witness!!! No one understands exactly why certain things happen but it is definitely not our place to start protesting and torturing the family and loved ones of the people who died. What a shame and embarrassment to all Christians that these people would act out that way. It seems like some people jsut want to fight..ya know?

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  3. I don't think I know that we Kansans are embarrassed by these people. They have terrible signs, say terrible things and go places to make people feel bad. Many people have tried to stop them in court but so far to no avail. They seem to have a lot of money but I don't know where they get it. We believe they will go anywhere they think they can get their name in the paper along with pictures. So we try not to give them anymore publicity to foil their plans.

  4. You know, Nen, it all boils down to "what does the Bible say?" I was raised Baptist while my husband was raised Church of God. We still love both churches. But today when we're asked what denomination we are, we simply answer that we're followers of Christ. The more you read God's word, the more you know of God's plan and realize that everything can be measured against God's word. It is always right, always true and will always stand when everything else fails.

    These groups that are out causing such havoc are going against what Jesus preached during his time here on earth. Instead, they should be reaching out to those who are suffering and being examples of God's everlasting love ~ especially to those that obviously don't know the truth.

    Just my thoughts ....

  5. Devon..I have a blog I want you to go to...

    I had to put a space in it so it will all fit in the window and not run off the page..but check it out! She has a lot of great facts on there for your dilemma with Cory. <3

  6. I get so frustrated at the things said/done in the name of God that have nothing to do with Him. What did Christ do/say when confronted with the unloved/unworthy (including us)? He loved them/us... with His words and actions. It was those who stood in judgement that he condemned. That group is spewing hate, not the love of Christ and they'll stand accountable on that day before Him. I doubt they'll hear him saying, "Well done, my good and faithful servant," unless they fall at His feet before then. And, as tlawwife said, they seem to thrive on the exposure and attention they draw. No attention, no show. I also identify with what lea of farmhouse*blessings said about not claiming a denomination, just Christ. Denominations can be polarizing, where as Christians we need to be drawn together as the body of Christ. Of course, I realize that there are different traditions that we become steeped in, but those traditions should NEVER negate Who Christ is.... and I know you know that, Devon. NR


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