Friday, April 4, 2008

Real Quick Prayer Request

I am having a horribly horrible day at work (as well as yesterday)... Please say a quick prayer for me! I'm totally overwhelmed and irritated!!!! I'm ready to pull my hair out. And to top it off.. I forgot to bring my lunch... and have no cash. UGH!


  1. A say a little prayer for you...good thing is the weekend tomorrow!

  2. OH NO! i will definitely pray for you devon!!! I am sorry you are having a rotten day. If it makes you feel better..mine is stinky too!! is some good news...
    that bloggy giveaway carnival is coming up soon...if you want to give away one of your pairs of earrings...this is the place to do it! have people check out your etsy can make it a requirement for them to go look through your etsy shop and come back and comment what their fave thing is to be entered!!! :)
    If you are is the address for the doesn't start till the 21st of this no rush..but i thought you may be interested!

    (i had to put a space in it for it all to fit on here...)

  3. Oh, I hope your day ended off better than it started. Thank goodness the weekend always seems to come at the perfect time!


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