Saturday, April 19, 2008

A crazy weekend...

Cory went to Maryland to see his friend, Mark. I guess the hospital may be releasing him soon and he is going to be coming back to PA to recover for awhile. I am waiting to hear more from Cory later on. Thank you for your prayers!

I was going to go with Cory--but it was so back and forth up until the last minute and I had to help my mom with a Tea Party at my church this afternoon. It was ZANEY!!! We were swamped. Check out the hat I made for my niece. It was the one requirement of coming to the party. You had to wear a hat! There were some pretty interesting ones!

On a side note though... I am getting very frustrated with people. I try to do what I can and be involved with church activities.... but why does it have to be thrown on just a few shoulders? Everyone wants things to happen... they want luncheons and "teas" and dinners and VBS and Sunday School and programs and small groups.... but who steps up to do it? No one... except me and my mom and Cory. SERIOUSLY.

I volunteer at a teen center. Guess how many volunteers we have total? FOUR. Yes, four people who give up every single weekend of the year. No one else seems to care, despite our pleas for help! It is very frustrating and discouraging. Part of me feels like maybe I should step down from my volunteering. But then... I don't want to be like everyone else. I want to make a difference.

I wonder why people don't seem to care? And its not like there haven't been invitations made so that people feel welcome to help. :(

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  1. I know how frustrated you get with all that....just stay in prayer about it...and also..for the church activities...maybe if you guys aren't always willing to do it all..ALL the time...maybe someone will step up?? I dunno! I know it drives ya bonkers!

    I hope Cory had a safe trip to Maryland to see Mark!

    OH...and I wanted to tell you...if you want to link directly to the post with Maddy's hat in can....on my blog click on the title to that post and then copy the address from the top address bar to use...and then use it to link directly to that post rather than my blog in general! :)


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