Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finally--April Fools Pranks--on Video!

Ok, so here are the two pranks we played on April Fools Day! This first one was spur of the moment... unplanned. We had originally tried to scare Bill (you'll see him in the second video). He didn't buy it... but the one guy from the shop saw our prank and decided to prank our rather gullible janitor guys. LOL! It's hard to tell their reactions because of the camera angle--but it was funny! And for some reason Cathy yelled "Happy Halloween!"....

This second video... I must explain. After we tried to prank Bill... we made plans for him to go get John (our warehouse guy) so we could prank him as well. The in between time was when we pranked the janitors. His reaction is priceless... but it was almost too good to seem genuine. I didn't believe that he really was startled so badly for hours after the incident.... (notice my comment at the end of the video)... but he really had NO idea. And notice.... in the beginning...(I was on the phone in my office)... there was a little GIGGLE... that was from Cathy! LOL!

On a more serious note... There was a horrible house fire in a nearby community last night. 10 People died! A mother and her children, two of her grandchildren and a family friend. (The oldest daughter was the mom of the grandkids... and she and another brother got out). Everyone is in disbelief. They believe space heaters were the cause--but its too soon to tell for sure. Here is the link to the newspaper article. It's so sad!! Please pray for the remaining family and friends. There have been 14 deaths in this small town in the past two weeks. I just learned of one... where the 2 kids were at their grandma's house waiting for their mom to pick them up... they were sitting out on the porch steps. Their mom came driving down the street and a coal truck hit her head on. She died instantly while her children watched the whole thing. It really makes you think about life...


  1. That was funny videos, it's funny wo watch there expressions...good job..on the sad note though how sad about what happen to that family, it shows you how life can come at you quickly!!

  2. i love the videos!!!! :)

    Soooooooo tragic about the fire. I saw it on the news....sooo sad :(. I wonder how it started??


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