Monday, May 5, 2008

Playing in the Mud...

So, yesterday... I was asked through my Etsy Shop to make a couple of mugs. Similar in size, shape, color, etc. I have been wanting to get into the pottery studio... but never seem to have the energy or time. So today, I made time. After work, I picked up my nephew and we headed home to play in the clay! Here is my photographer: Boy, did he like the idea of using the camera! I just had to convince him to be very very careful! But I pretty much let him do whatever. I didn't even tell him to take the pics... he just turned it on and went!
This is me "wedging" the clay (working out any air bubbles)... As I sat down to start on the wheel... I thought "wow, i wish i could do this every day"...
But... not all of the pieces were so successful... and I had to trim them down and eventually scrap them...
None of the pieces looked "the same" enough to make into matching mugs... and after the gabbing of a 4 yr old for almost 2 hours... and the bee attack... and the spider attack.... not to mention Boo running around and causing chaos... I am going to throw in the towel for the night and try again another day. I wish I didn't have to go to work every day... and just focus on this. But, I guess you take what life gives ya.

One final note... Today is Boo's 2nd birthday. I just snapped this shot of her. She is so weird!! (Don't mind the newspapers/magazine on the floor... that's my garbage mail pile!!

I'm off to find some dinner. I've only had 9 points out of 25 today.... Gotta get something in me!!!


  1. Hey!!! I think X found his calling! He took some pretty good pics for being 4!!! don't you think??

    Happy Birthday Boo...the weird pup...LOL! ;o)

    And oh my goodness...devon!!! You HAVE to eat your points...or you will fail! I read this on the have to eat your allowed points because it keeps your metabolism going...otherwise..your body starts storing fat in starvation eat some points girl!!!

  2. That is so neat that you make pottery (successful or not)! I would love to try one day. The next best thing is going to this firing studio we have in our city and painting pieces. I've been meaning to do that one of these days. Now you have me inspired.

    And lovely shots by your photographer : ) He's a natural!


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