Friday, May 16, 2008

Celtic... Punk?

Right now we are at the teen center. We've had a few bands play this evening... the latest... Flatfoot56. A blend of celtic... and punk. Quite CRAZY! The kids seem to like it though... and it is definitely throwing off lots of energy! Cory and I have been in the lobby.. its WAY too loud for us old folks back in the theatre! Here are a few pics... and yes... he is playing bagpipes and wearing a kilt. LOL!

If you're feeling brave... check them out!


  1. The concert looks like fun:)

  2. You crack me up.. "old folks." We're the EXACT same way. We've started packing ear plugs for every concert! (Not that we go to that many.. hehe.. just gotta be prepared ya know?) =-)


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