Sunday, May 4, 2008


I know I've been M.I.A. for most of the week. I was covering for a co-worker and just felt totally swamped and exhausted! I have been trying to keep up on reading blogs... but lacking on much commenting or posting! My apologies!

Friday night, Cory and I went to the dirt track races to drive a push truck. We had never done it before... so another guy drove, I rode in the passenger seat and Cory rode in the back (and hopped out to grab debris, etc off the track when needed). It was fun. The dirt was flying... one time a huge rock hit the side of the truck. Scared the bajeebers out of us (and ironically enough, I had JUST been thinking about "what if a rock flew in and hit you on the head and killed you"). Freaky. Anyway... I got to push a car once... which was fun... and Cory got to get in a broken down race car and steer it into the pits while we pushed him in the truck. By the end of the night, Cory's butt was hurting from sitting on the truck bed.... and we were tired... and smelled like exhaust! ICK! But it was fun! The races ended before they were over because it rained for a couple of minutes and everyone dispersed. We were pushing a guy down into the pit and when we came back up around onto the track... pretty much everyone was cleared out of the stands and all that was left on the track was 3 or 4 cars that had broken down. I think it would be fun to have Cory drive a race car... :) Honestly though... I don't know how people can afford it! The guy we were riding with in the truck told us that we could probably go half a season on a tank of gas if we had a car like a neon or something. Apparently they get good gas mileage. So, we'll see. With volunteering at the teen center... there isn't much time to do anything on the weekends.

Today, after church, we might go to a flea market. It's kind of rainy though, so it will depend on that. I don't have anything to get or look for... I just like to look at all of the crazy stuff out there!

Oh, yeah.... I started Weight Watchers with my sister the other day! It's been going OK. I had to go to the store to pick up some cauliflower and a couple of other "zero" point items. I am very cranky when I'm hungry... and I only have 25 points... so I have to choose wisely. I can't be wasting my points on crazy stuff!... (like normally I would eat candy or sweets). I did find out that sugar free/fat free pudding is one point for 1/4 of the package... which is like a dessert dish of pudding. Now, I know that isn't maybe the most healthy thing. I probably shouldn't eat any processed foods or stuff with "fake sugar"... but you can't just snap your fingers and switch your lifestyle eating habits. You have to take your time or you'll go insane. And with the pudding, I can have chocolate (for my choc craving), cheesecake or vanilla, etc.... and I can even put fruit in it and it's totally satisfying. And holy crap.. 1.75 c. of strawberries is only 1 point.... and when I measured it out the other day... it was a whole container full! that was pretty nice!!! (Now, if I could just clean up my strawberry garden outside and grow some of my own!). Anyway... wish us gals luck. Like my sister said... it's cheaper than going out and buying new clothes in bigger sizes... and it's a way to move toward the realm of healthy. Plus, she can incorporate it in with her family's meals and help them eat healthier without them even having a clue! And Cory is totally supportive of me (Sorry, Cor, that I am cranky in the grocery store!!!). Onward and Upward!

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  1. We can TOTALLY do this devon!!! :) WOOT!!! Check out my blog...LOL..i posted the pics I took last night! ;) have a good day! xoxo


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