Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well... today at work... my supervisor came up to me and announced their (the higher ups) idea of splitting the Shipping & Receiving. That is my job. I am the Shipping & Receiving Manager. Me. I guess on their way to ISO 9001 certification (a quality requirement for our industry)... they decided that having Inventory Control at the Warehouse was essential. Thus leaving the job of Receiving separate from the Shipping (since the inventory controller at the warehouse will have to do the in and out... which applies to the shipping). My supervisor explained that the Shipping/Inventory job will consist of keeping track of all that goes in and out of the Warehouse... what needs to be put on what shelf, etc. etc. Basically, organizing and then keeping it that way by checking everything in and out. The Receiving job will consist of the person signing for loads that we get, checking/counting parts, then moving them to their correct destination within the shop areas. When asked which I would prefer (since apparently I get first dibs)... my reply was, "Well, they both sound pretty crappy." My supervisor agreed and told me to think about it. I've thought about it. I don't want either. I don't really care for what I do now in Shipping & Receiving. It's not bad... I'm just bored with it. But I can't imagine being in a forklift most of the day and having people gripe at me about moving stuff........ or being in the warehouse and not getting out and about (not being able to have my fridge and microwave!!!). This stinks. Cory is still helping me on my resume for that other job I am interested in. I guess I might look around for more job options elsewhere. It just really stinks. I absolutely have no desire to move to either of those positions. If I HAD to... which I probably will... I'd go to the warehouse position.... but I really really can't imagine it. It's upsetting. I want to tell my supervisor that I'm not interested in either and that if they don't have anything else for me, I'll start looking for another job - but Cory advises against that.... and I guess he is right. I'm just so frustrated. Please keep me in prayer about this whole job thing. It seems to be getting worse by the day. Speaking of which - I have to get up for work at 4:30AM... so I better get to bed.


  1. Hey there, my sweet friend. I'm so sorry you've got so much going on at work. ICK! It sounds just terrible. I HOPE you get another job soon... I sure hate the thought of you having to go in every day and be miserable. I'll pray with you for GOD to literally drop one in your lap.

    I guess I'll check back again soon. Call or write me if you need to vent. ;-)


  2. Oh wow...i am so sorry devon :(. that really stinks! I have been praying for you and I know God has a plan for you...I pray you can see a light at the end of the tunnel!


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