Monday, May 12, 2008

A Quick Update:

I noted in an earlier post that I had started weight watchers along with my sister last week. When I weighed in today, the scale had said that I've dropped 2 lbs. I almost got disappointed... but I know that I can't expect it to happen overnight. Plus, I was wearing 3 shirts, jeans and boots. So - I know I'm a little less if we want to get technical!

Mother's Day was uneventful for me... since I'm not a mother... however I did give my mom a gift... and Cory was totally busy! He did dishes, fixed my vacuum, cleaned the dog crate, gave the dog a bath, cleaned the dog bed... and even made me dinner and made enough for me to have left overs at lunch today! All while I sat and worked on a pair of mittens (which are totally cute, by the way). What a sweetie! I didn't even have to ask!

On a sad note... my work has moved my coworker, Bill, to night shift and also to another part of the shop. I don't know all of the details... but rumor has it that the guy who took his place was threatening to quit if they didn't give him a day shift job. There may be more to the story, but its a bummer that Bill is gone. I'm sure he'll be looking for a new job soon. But you never know. Also, a couple of my other coworkers mentioned to me today... they saw an Ad in the help wanted section of the Sunday newspaper for MY JOB! Now, we have 2 facilities in town... and there was rumor of the Shipping & Receiving guy at the other plant looking for a new job. So, it could just be that they are wanting to replace him. However, the ad was supposedly for TWO people. So... that has us a little baffled. I am not really worried about them getting rid of me because I know I do a heck of a job... although if they were to get rid of me... I think it might actually be a relief. I guess only time will tell!

Well... I'm off to finish my lunch!! Hope all of you mom's and soon-to-be mom's had a nice Mother's Day!

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  1. Don't be dissapointed at all devon. If i lost a little was only because i am WAY bigger than you and i have more to lose. You are doing awesome and i am soooo glad we are in it together! :)

    That was so nice of Cory to do all that stuff for you!!! He is so sweet!

    No would NOT be a relief if you lost your job need to pay your bills!!! Be thankful you have a good job!!! It isn't forever so just make the best of it for now!

    Have a good day! M has daisies's her final meeting for this that is where I will be!!! xoxo


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