Friday, October 21, 2011

Vote for ME!

Ok... so I entered this contest for Central PA's Ugliest Floor (Thanks Shelby!). I have to admit, after looking through some of the other entries... I absolutely am glad that I have the floor that I have... and not some of the other scary floors out there! BUT, I am still going to post the link and beg you to vote for me anyway!! The prize is $1000 in free flooring... and I would love to get this 70's linoleum out of my kitchen and dining room!! So, if you would.. please vote for me... or go look at the other entries and vote for one of those! (Seriously, most of the other people need it more than I do!) You can vote once a day!



  1. Oh my....I don't know that I can pick's REALLY not bad compared to some of them! I know my loyalty lies with you...but I feel soo bad for some of these people's floors! I don't even know WHO to vote for....there are so many! :/

  2. Oh my gosh, we had this floor for years!! Not any more . . . the biggest thing was keeping it clean with four children. (; Aaw come on, it's not that bad is it? haha!
    Good luck in the contest! Your haircut looks very nice. (:



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