Friday, October 7, 2011

In My Spare Time....

Most of you are probably in the same boat (especially if you have kiddos)... with all of the hustle and bustle of life... there isn't a whole lot of time to spare for "fluff stuff". By fluff I mean... things to do for *yourself*. Life is consumed by work, kids, dishes, laundry, vacuuming... you get the idea. I know that I mainly only have time for "fluff" when Eloise is down for a nap... and that's AFTER (ok, sometimes "instead of") housework! Often times I take a few moments to sit on the computer (like NOW) or work on a letter to a friend. But now that Halloween is right around the corner, I am trying to focus my attention on getting Eloise's costume together.

I'm not going to tell you what it is. Not because I want to wait for the big Halloween Reveal... but because I'm afraid it's not going to work and I'll have to go to PLAN B (which is yet to be determined!)! Haha! We aren't huge into Halloween, but I know that I always enjoyed dressing up as a kid and I want Eloise to have the opportunity to as well. We definitely don't do the scary, evil Halloween stuff though! (I hope you'll come back closer to Halloween to see El's costume--even if it ends up not being the above project!)

The other evening, a friend dropped by and told me that a neighbor up the road was setting up a yard sale and that I should come check it out. I like myself a good yard sale... but I always feel weird going to them... and especially when it's not officially open. But I guess the lady knew my friend and told her to send me up to check it out and get first dibs on some craft stuff she had. So Eloise and I took a walk up there... and let me tell you... this lady didn't just have some craft stuff.. she had THE MOTHER LOAD! I am talking bins and bins of it! You know, like those big rubbermaid containers! There was fabrics of all kinds, I couldn't even believe it! I mostly just skimmed the surface of everything because there was SO much... but I did find a number of things to bring home with me!

If I had more money, I would've bought lots of fabric... but alas, I only got a couple of things!

I know the Muppet Babies are total cheese... but I just couldn't resist this fabric. I want to make something for Eloise with it (in my fluff time--ha!).

Ok, I admit... I like the Muppet Babies.

So, sue me! :)

I am always a sucker for old buttons... or ANY buttons!

I've always wanted to make fabric yo-yo's but haven't made the time to do it... but heck, for 25 cents a pack... I figured I could do something crafty with these (sorry, the pic is blurry!).

I got a few other unexciting things... no biggie. But it was nice to get out for a walk and browse some good deals!!

Ok... and a little disclaimer here... I am not a fan of animal prints. To each their own... but they just do nothing for me. However, when people give me outfits for Eloise, I'm obviously not going to tell them that I loathe animal prints and hand them the outfits back! And I know that it would be wasteful of me not to use the outfits if we have them... so... my girl has been wearing some ((shudder)) animal prints lately - but please, don't hold it against me.

El is getting tooth #7. Somehow we were blessed with a pleasant teething baby (no crabby pants in this house! -- except for me sometimes --haha!)... but the best part of the teething process, Eloise wants to be held more! She has been wanting cuddled and snuggled... and boy does it make this mama happy! She is usually on the GO, GO, GO!!

I love this little lamby coat!! (Not sure what this face is about!)

Boo and Eloise are buddies... although only on Boo's terms. She definitely runs away if she's had enough of being crawled on and poked at!

This last picture is from today... Eloise loves books! Too bad she doesn't sit still long enough to let us read them to her all of the way through!

I hear some chatter from a special little girl... must be the end of nap time! Thus, the end of "fluff time"!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I just LOVE that last picture of her!!!! :)

  2. I was going to get the lamby coat out that your mom got Reiley, but I guess that she found another?!? Do you still want the one I have too?

  3. More pics of Eloise please! :) I just love them all!


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