Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Reveal...

Well, if you read my last post... you'd know that I was nervous to get my hair cut yesterday. I have always had long hair. Even when I got it cut a couple of years ago, it was still past my shoulders. I just have always had it that way. In my late teens/early 20's (yes, I'm over 25--eek!), I never wanted to cut it because I wanted it to be long for my *someday* wedding. But now that that's over with and I'm a mom chasing around a very active 9 month old... I figured it was time for a change. So... without further ado... I give you the:


Long... kind of scraggly - unless I did something with it.
Which, in that picture I had done nothing after showering
but comb it with a big-tooth comb (no hair product).



Much shorter! And a little wet still... but no
hair product here either! I love it!

Sometimes I find myself missing my long hair...
just because I could do a lot with it (if I wanted to put
time into it)... but I am glad I took the plunge...
and who knows, maybe one day I'll go even a little

Cory even likes it! :)

Happy Saturday!! (It's snowing here!)


  1. So glad to hear Cory likes it too! I think it looks great! :) How was washing it in the shower? :)

  2. Looks healthy & really pretty! Makes me want to get mine short now :))

  3. it looks really cute on you, its nice to change things a bit every now and again.

  4. What a beautiful it on you! It looks much fuller from where I sit! I love snow and seldom get any here! Hugs!


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