Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Getting ready!

Here is our little "Boo Puppy"!!

I am happy with the way the costume turned out!
And Eloise seems happy to wear it!
Halloween Success!!


  1. She is so entirely adorable! She's the perfect age too. Both of mine were about the same age for their first Halloween and they had so much fun. They were old enough not to be aggravated by the costume. Happy Halloween!

  2. Cute costume. My daughter dressed as a pumpkin for her first Halloween at age 6 months (she's now 13-sniff sniff).

    Love the new haircut/style by the way.


  3. I love how she crawls and looks just like a perfect little pup! :)

    I love that last picture, where El is looking at Gene with the sweet smile! :o)

  4. Hi, just a reminder, don't forget our giveaway this week! Take care...Hugs


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