Monday, October 17, 2011

The Tale of the Missing Shooper

One day... a beautiful little girl named Eloise was getting ready to go to the store with her mommy and daddy.

"We'd better put on your shoes!" said Mommy, "It's getting cold outside!"

Mommy buckled Eloise into her car seat and slipped on the adorable little pink corduroy Shooper Shoes that her Aunt Katy had given to her. It was the first time she had worn them out of the house and mommy and daddy fussed over how wonderful they looked!

Off to Walmart the family went. Eloise knew mommy would rather shop at the local grocery store... but she also knew that daddy watched the budget and Walmart was the cheaper option. They all let out a collective *sigh* as they pulled into the busy parking lot.

Through the blustery Autumn wind they went, into the store!

Mommy got out the list and directed daddy to the aisles they needed to go through. Eloise watched all of the people as they passed by. She was very excited when she saw balloons tied to some of the shelves. Balloons are one of her most favorite things!

Around the store they went. Eloise was a little bored, so she started trying to kick her blanket off. Mommy didn't like that! So Eloise only did it when mommy wasn't looking!

As the grocery cart filled and the list was ticked off one by one... Eloise's family found themselves at the cheese section. Mommy and daddy LOVE cheese! Maybe that's why they are so cheesey!

Eloise decided to kick at her blanket again... but mommy caught her in the act!

"No, no!" said Mommy, "You're kicking off your adorable pink corduroy Shooper!"

Eloise smiled. She didn't know what mommy was talking about... but smiling at mommy always makes her happy... so Eloise smiled a big toothy grin! And mommy put the Shooper back on Eloise's foot.

Down the aisle they went, past the meat section and over to the produce. Daddy gave mommy the cart while he rushed away to pick up a forgotten item. Mommy picked up some vegetables and was heading over to the fruit when all of a sudden she exclaimed to Eloise, "OH NO! We lost your Shooper!"

Mommy wheeled the cart around to retrace their steps. Surely the Shooper would be somewhere nearby! Dodging other carts and leaning down to look close to the floor, Mommy began to panic! Daddy came by and heard the news. He raced away. They all looked as hard as they could for the missing Shooper. It couldn't have gone far!!

After spending at least 15 minutes searching... and a trip to the Lost & Found... mommy and daddy gave up. They had to get their groceries home and into the refrigerator.

Eloise knew mommy and daddy were sad... so she just kept smiling. Despite her smiles, mommy and daddy still frowned.

When they got home, mommy called Aunt Katy to give her the bad news. "We lost a Shooper!" she said.

Surprisingly, Aunt Katy took it very well! "It's just a shoe. It's Ok!"

But mommy was still very very sad. So was daddy.

The next day... mommy went back to Walmart to see if the Shooper was turned in overnight. But it never showed up.

Later on she got a call from Aunt Katy.

"I contacted the lady over at Mom's Blankies to see if she could make Eloise another Shooper to replace the lost one. But instead of making one... she is going to make her another pair... and send them FOR FREE!"

Mommy jumped for joy! Eloise giggled!

And everyone lived Happily Ever After... awaiting the new Shoopers!

Afterword: Please check out Mom's Blankies on Etsy! What a super nice woman to send out a free pair of shoes for Eloise... and she has some really awesome stuff!!


  1. Such a great story...and TRUE! :) Love that it had such a wonderful ending!

    The owner of Mom's Blankies is incredibly kind to do this! Wonderful customer service and so great in communication!!! :)

  2. Oh what a story with a sweet ending. Blessings!


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