Sunday, October 23, 2011

9 Sweet Months

Today marks a milestone...
9 months of having our beautiful baby in our arms.

Well... the last few months have been a little less snuggly...
but we're grateful for what we get!

Have I mentioned that Eloise has been taking steps?
Yeah, that started on October 15th!
Can you believe it? We hardly can!

Eloise has this habit of looking surprised... a lot.
Her eyebrows go up, her head tilts back... and you'd think
she was missing the bifocals on the end of her nose!
She looks like she's peering through some!
I absolutely love it!

She is a bundle full of wonderful!

She loves swinging...

She loves balloons...
(which our neighbors constantly supply us with!)

Her favorite toy is her stuffed Minnie Mouse...
She says "BAH" for Balloon...
"DAH" for Dad...
"BOH" for Boo...
and she randomly says "Mama"...
but I don't think she associates it with me quite yet!

We have recently realized that her love of books wins her over quite easily!
If she is crawling away in a direction she shouldn't be going (like out
to the kitchen or something)
... we just start reading a book and she stops,
turns around and scurries back!

Each day is an adventure... that's for sure!
But we are savoring every moment!!


We love you!!


  1. Oh how I love that girl! I can hardly believe it has been 9 months! I can't imagine life without her...she is truly a wonderful squeezle!! Give her a big-bear-hug from Auntie Katy! I love her bunches!!

  2. Way too cute she is! I remember a baby boy with such expression. His father and I used to say "it is as if he will come out of his crib and into the room at any time". These dear , sweet children of God.

  3. Oh my gosh, Devon! She's sooooooo beautiful!

  4. Hi Devon, I learned of your blog through your sister's whose blog I follow. Your little Eloise is such a joy to watch! Whenever Katy post about her, I want to see what she has to say about her. Now, I can see more of her little chubby cheeks...I'm your new follower! Stop by and visit us and become our follower too. We would love having you with us too! Have a good weekend to come. Hugs, Loretta

  5. Wow! That went fast! She is adorable!


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