Saturday, October 22, 2011

Swing Baby Swing!

Perhaps we have procrastinated a little bit with getting Eloise into her swing. I know, I know... we are depriving the girl... but seriously, I don't like to do Eloise's "firsts" without Cory (if I can help it)... and he has been so SWAMPED with work. The swing just hasn't been a priority. But, now that it's almost about to snow (no, seriously... they are calling for flurries overnight)... we figured we would take advantage of the last few decent days and let Eloise give the swing a try!

She loved it.

... and she loved watching cars drive by!

Yes, we will be investing in a swing set in the next year or so!!

Also... just a semi-quick note. My grandma (with alzheimers) suffered a seizure earlier this week. We weren't sure if she was going to make it. BUT... she did. And it's almost like it sparked something in her brain. She is now alert and awake. She is talking a bit and recognizing people. I know that a lot of times they say that once an alzheimer's patient starts recognizing people, it's the beginning of the end... but you know, I'm OK with that. I think the rest of the family is too. She just needs to go to be with Jesus!!

Anyway, all of that to say that Eloise and I visited her on Thursday. Every time I post about it, I debate whether or not I should be sharing pictures of my grandmother in this sad state of living. However, yesterday was such a blessing to me... that I want to post the picture so that I can remember.

Eloise was extremely chattery. I held her up to my grandma, whose eyes were wide open... and Eloise kept trying to touch her and was squealing. I watched as my grandma locked eyes on her and when Eloise squealed, my grandma went "Ooooh".... like she was mimicking El's noises back to her. It brought tears to my eyes to know that grandma acknowledged Eloise and was aware of her presence (and responded)!

I pray that my grandma meets Jesus soon...
and I am so grateful for her life and what she has meant to so many people!

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  1. Get a pull up bar and put in between your doorway for the swing. My kids loved that!!!!


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