Monday, May 9, 2011

A Small Victory... Make That 2!

Today, I have dealt with a very fussy baby. Between her fits for attention (even when I'm RIGHT next to her)... and her heavy eyes fighting to go to sleep... I still get glimpses of her sweet smile and shining eyes. But boy, was I so glad when they finally closed and mama hauled butt upstairs to the crib... (Victory!)

Not sure how long it will last... but I'm crossing my fingers!! :)

On a positive note (although I really am not complaining about having a cranky baby... it's totally worth it!)...

I put on my size 8 jeans today.

Yep... that's right... size EIGHT!

Ok, you might be wondering if that's a good or bad thing--since, you know... to some people that's a big size... and to some it's small.

Let's just put it this way.... these are the ONLY size 8 jeans I've owned since probably... 6th grade! And they are the smallest in my closest! (Victory, again!)

So today, in spite of a fussy baby... I am enjoying my new found glory!

Now, if only I could fit into my closet full of shirts. Unfortunately, they don't make minimizing nursing bras! Oh well!


  1. Wow! Size 8! How fantastic! Congratulations! I never think I will be in that size...ever. ;)

    I hope Eloise sleeps well and is her cheerful, happy self when she wakes!

  2. Size 8....that is great. That's a small size by the way.

  3. That's a huge victory girl, not a small one!! Way to go!

  4. Love the new header and colors of your blog! Congrats on the jeans:)

  5. I love the new look! You must feel on top of the world in those jeans, girl! Good for you!!

  6. Congrats! Wonderful photo of you & Eloise together. Blessings!


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