Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Little Thief

Before we had Eloise, Cory and I had talked on and off about how we were worried that Boo may not know the difference between Baby Toys and Dog Toys. Boo has her own basket of toys and she knows where it is and will get things out of it as she pleases (if only she could learn to pick up after herself!). She doesn't bother the cat toys at all. It's like she knows they aren't hers.

But with squeaky, rattley baby toys--we just weren't sure what to expect.

Much to our pleasure, though Boo isn't exactly thrilled that she's not the center of our world anymore, she hasn't touched one of Eloise's toys ONCE. Even when we leave the play mat out and toys scattered on it.

Our dog is so smart! hee hee

However... we have another little thief in the house.

One night when I was up feeding the baby... all of a sudden Weezer comes flying out from behind the couch. It was dark, and though my eyes were pretty well adjusted, I didn't know what she was playing with. I figured it was just the ratty orange mouse that she's had forever.

The next morning, I realized I was wrong.

That little blue ball was actually Eloise's! It was easy for her to grip, with all of those holes!

Well, not anymore.

We figured there was no use trying to keep it away from the cat. She'll hunt for it. Even if I try to put it in the little bucket of baby toys, Weezer will find it and pull it out with her teeth.

So, I guess Weezer has a new toy. El will survive without it. And I must admit, it's pretty hilarious watching the cat fly around the living room chasing that thing! Maybe one day I'll catch it on video!


  1. I'm not sure which is funnier, the cat stealing the babys toy or the fact that you named your cat Weezer, which is by the way the coolest cat name ever!

  2. I *must* admit...that blue ball DOES look like a cat toy. I can understand Weezie's confusion! ;)

  3. Yes... it does look like a cat toy. Mis and Sandi got it for us... you'll have to tell them that Weezer confiscated it!! :)


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