Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Birthday Girl

I hope you like my new blog header and design! I worked on it last night... and then my sister helped me get the header in place today (it was totally off center for some reason!). I was ready for a change... and I think it turned out well!!

Today was my father in law's first chemo treatment. Cory took the day off work so that he could travel 3 hours to the hospital with his parents. He was keeping me updated with texts and calls... and the hospital almost canceled the treatment because they (the hospital) were running so behind! That would've been a major bummer! But luckily, they made it work and so Cory and his parents are running about 4 hours behind schedule. They should be home in the next hour or two.

Since they were gone, I made a trip out to my hometown to help my mom with some household chores (laundry, dishes, etc) since she has been under the weather for the past week or so--then I drove out to my dad's business to clean there. I had the baby... and the ole pup. I didn't want to leave poor Boo at home for hours (without anyone to let her out)... AND today is her birthday!! She is FIVE! I remember when she was just a little baby puppy... so sweet. Although, I must admit... she is still very sweet!

I feel kind of guilty that I wasn't with her much today. I know she is just a dog... but she is an awesome dog! (Totally spoiled!) My in-laws and Cory also felt bad. I mean, Boo is just as much a part of the family as any of us! Maybe we will celebrate another day.

Here she was on the drive home. She laid in the passenger seat with her head on my lap.

She and Eloise were snoring away while I was jamming out to some Carole King (on a tape, no less! HA!).

And yes, I took this picture while I was driving! But it was on a straight stretch on the interstate and I didn't even have to look to see what I was doing... I just kept snapping pics until I got one that wasn't blurry! hehe

So... I would like to take this moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best dog in the world! Despite having a baby... Boo will always be our first baby!


  1. Love love love your new blog look, so pretty!!
    Happy birthday to your pup! :)

    PS: I can't believe that you still have a cassette tape! That's pretty rad

  2. My best to your FIL. It is wonderful you & Cory could be there for both sets of your parents. Happy Doggie Birthday to you Boo. Blessings!


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