Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recipe: Yogurt Dough Pizza

As I've mentioned in some of my previous posts, I'm trying new whole, healthy recipes. This recipe for yogurt dough can be used as an all-purpose dough for whatever you'd like. I just happened to use it to make pizza. It was a little bit of a trial and error... and depending on your oven... you may have to adjust bake times!

This pizza got rave reviews from my niece and 2 nephews (all under 10 yrs of age)... and there isn't even any white flour in it! *gasp!!*

Be forewarned... to make this dough, you have to prepare it a day ahead of time... but it's totally worth it! I'd eat this pizza over regular pizza any day!!

Here ya go!

(I know what you're thinking... WHOLE YOGURT and 2 STICKS OF BUTTER!?
But trust me... it's not these whole foods that make you fat...
it's the processed crap and white flour!!)

Cover and leave in a warm place for 12-24 hours
(this gives you the benefit of the good bacteria that
interacts with the ingredients... it's nothing funky--
TRUST ME! It's healthy!)

I obviously didn't let my dough cook long enough before I put the cheese on.. which is why the cheese is on the verge of well-done... but like I said... the first couple of times--just kind of watch what times work best for your oven... and it'll work out just fine!

Let me know if you try this! It really is very tasty!!


  1. Boy, that looks good! How many pans does the recipe make? I usually make a 10X15 pan for my family.


  2. Me again...I forgot to mention that if you have an Ollies near where you live, every once in a while they have unbleached and wheat flour very cheap. I am try to change my family's eating habits and introducing healthier foods slowly.


  3. we DO have ollies! my fav store! :)

    it made about one cookie sheet... but i used two smaller pans (in the picture) so i don't know for sure. i'm sure you could press it out for a thinner crust and maybe get a big pan and another smaller one... but i haven't tried that yet!

    it's not as hard as people think to change to healthy eating... i have a recipe for homemade cereal and also yogurt pancakes that i plan on posting soon!!

  4. ohh... maybe that was a big pan and a smaller pan in the picture! i can't remember! but that does look like my regular cookie sheet and my smallest as well!


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