Thursday, May 12, 2011

Little Duckies!

My in-laws are awesome. They come over and mow our lawn all of the time.

Of course, they have time on their hands, and the exercise is good for my father-in-law. (Who has had little to no side effects with his chemo so far!! Praise God!)

Anyway... the other day, my MIL said that she saw a duck up in the ditch across from our driveway. Eloise and I went up to inspect... and sure enough... there he was!!

I went back to the house to get Cory (he loves duckies!)... and that's when I realized that there were two! God sure did a good job camouflaging the females! (I didn't realize she was in the first picture when I took it!)

Ok.. and yes... I had to take a little video. It's just short... the ducks were upset that I was getting so close... but then a car comes and I have to run away! HAHA

I am hoping that Cory will let us put in a little pond this summer... and maybe those duckies will come visit more often! (Instead of in the dirty ditch!)


  1. I missed seeing the female duck until you mentioned her. You could have a nest of eggs close by. It is that time of year. My ducks have 10 eggs layed now. Hope you get your pond. I started out with just a small pond. Two whiskey barrlel liners. They were less care. We put little goldfish in them. If you put the liner in a whisket barrel there is no digging. Blessings!

  2. How cool that you get your lawn mowed, and way awesome that your FIL is feeling up to doing it so far. Praise God!

    I didn't see the female in the first picture either, then when I read she was there I went back to look and STILL had trouble finding her.

    How quaint and cute!


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