Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Christmas Project COMPLETE!

I am SUCH a procrastinator!! I planned on making my niece and nephews Pajamas for Christmas since the summer... but here it is less than a week until Christmas and I am still not finished! Luckily I did get the night gown completed for my niece the other day... and yesterday I completed my nephews Curious George PJs! Here they are!! Now I just have to finish my other nephews Kermit PJs and I am DONE with Christmas! (Other than wrapping a few last things up)!!! WOOT! I'll share the Kermit PJs when I finish!!

On more serious note... my cousin's fiance got his vehicle stolen. It was at his Army Barracks and it was locked with an alarm. They said whoever stole it must be experienced because it had to have been hot wired, etc. I am not sure if they had cameras around the lot... but I would hope so!! Please pray that they are able to recover it in the condition it was in before it got stolen... or else that the insurance company will give him enough money to get something similar. He's only had the thing for like 5 months... so he is pretty devastated!! Not something you want to go through right before Christmas (or EVER!).

Also, my dad, who is a tow truck driver, was called out last night to a fatality. He said it was only the second time he had to see someone removed in a body bag. He lives in a small town... so the girl who died was the girlfriend of someone my dad knows. She was only 21. So please keep her family and friends in prayer. This is the third tragedy in 2009 of people from my high school. The first was a suicide in July... another was the weekend after Thanksgiving... a fluke medical condition.... and now this one. All of these families could really use some prayers!!

Here are the Kermit PJ's! Didn't take NEARLY as long to make! Yay! Now I'm done!


  1. The pjs are so cute! J and X will love them!

  2. Love the PJ's!
    I hope you have yourself a Merry Christmas!!!


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