Friday, December 11, 2009

Flashback Friday #6

Attack of the JNCO's #2

I may have mentioned it before... about how I used to go to this music festival in Illinois every summer called Cornerstone. It was the highlight of my young life. My cousin and I would spend the whole school year passing notes about our previous summer's trip to the fest and also daydream to each other about the next festival. We couldn't wait for summer break! Once the snow started to melt and spring started to bloom... we had ants in the pants! Every once and while you'd catch a whiff of air that just had that smell to it. You know... the smell of the muck and dirt from an old pig farm... (that's where the fest was held... but don't worry... there weren't pigs there anymore). We would catch that whiff and say to each other, "Smells like Cornerstone!"... and then get even more ansty!! Yes, we were nerds. But we didn't think we were nerds... we had a blast! So... today I share with you a picture from one of the festivals... I believe this was maybe Cornerstone '01. Again with the JNCO's. ((rolling my eyes))It's a little blurry... but oh well. Here I am sitting under our community tent (the big tent we would sometimes set up in the middle and then put all of the other tents/campers around). The big white mass in on the left in front is some kids back and ummm.. gray underwear. Apparently these 2 guys thought they were funny and were wrestling around. I was apparently amused as well. I am wearing my rolled up JNCO's... which was the evening attire at the fest... because once the sun went down and your sunburn started to cool... it got a bit chilly! (Man, I was TAN!) I am also wearing a dinosaur t-shirt from goodwill--which I still have. AND.. when under a black light... you can see the dino's skeleton. Around my waist is my studded belt... and you can't really make it out... but on the ground beside my chair... was my messenger bag. The grayish part of it... yeah. That was FUR. I lined the top of my bag with bigfoot fur. Don't ask me why.. but I liked it.. it was also covered with a ton of band patches and pins.
When I look back and think about all of the things we wore... some a little more silly than I'd like to admit... I also think of a lot of good memories... and so I'm not too embarrassed! It was so much fun running around from stage to stage... catching awesome bands... meeting people... getting a tan. I stopped going a couple of years ago because it just got too darn expensive! Tickets plus GAS (13-14 hr drive from PA to IL)... plus food and all of the camping stuff you have to take. I just couldn't afford it while trying to pay bills and a mortgage. Plus, the last year I went... Cory didn't come and I left a couple of days early because I didn't like to be away from him... and the fest just wasn't any fun alone (my cousin was off with other people the whole time and I was mostly by myself). So... maybe some day I'll make it back... but either way... I have some great memories.
I am kicking myself because I CANNOT find my photo albums with my old pics. They must still be packed up somewhere... but I have some great pics I could share if I could find the darn things! Oh well...
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  1. Awww, so fun! I had a couple of friends that I would go on tour with every summer, and it was amazing. The memories that we made while out on the road were enough to last us all year long, just like you, we'd talk about it all the time. The last year I went, I didn't go ON the tour, I just went to the show in our hometown. By then Christopher and I were engaged, and it just wasn't the same. Now I don't even know who half the bands on the tour are, and I would have no reason to go, but... I still miss it.

  2. ahhh, a friend and I did something kind of similar to that. We had something around here, in Latrobe actually, called the Rolling Rock Town Fair that we went to every year and got all psyched up over. They don't have it anymore :(

    Thats where I saw Scott Weiland, back when he was still with Stone Temple Pilots, come out onto the stage stark naked.

  3. That sounds so exciting. The 13 -14 hour drive isn't too bad, I drove 15 hours to South Carolina (from PA) for a single night concert. And now that I just looked at the site, there are two bands that I want to see that i haven't seen before. I'll start packing the minivan. Hopefully you're on my way. lol.

  4. You're so funny. What a cool memory!

  5. First of all, I LOVE the dinosaur t-shirt, and the fact that its skeleton glows under a black light makes me totally jealous!! (Oh, and the fact that you got it at goodwill is an added bonus) :)
    Second, that is a fun memory! :) I remember the good old days when my husband and I (when we were only dating) would go to concerts together all the time. The outdoor ones were our favorite. Now we have a kid and they complain about loud music, they're fidgety, and I've heard it isn't good for them to be jostled around in crowds or inhale copious amounts of smoke, so we haven't been to a concert in a few years. ;) I would sure love to go to one again in the near future, though. Thanks for posting this!!


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