Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Project Complete!

I decided this summer that I was going to make the Christmas presents for my niece and nephews this year. Of course I have procrastinated! Now I have less than a few weeks to get it all done and it stresses me out! I have taught myself (with some tips from my mom and the internet) how to sew... and trust me, I'm a beginner! I like the patterns that are emblazoned with the words EASY across the front! I just don't know what all of the sewing lingo is yet... and I would rather not deal with the hassle of having to figure it out!
So, the projects I needed to complete were pajamas. Pants and tops for the boys and a night gown for my niece. Easy enough, right? My mom picked up some fabric and patterns, etc. for me for my birthday... and I was SET! Until I actually got the pattern out for the night gown and read the instructions. Oh my gosh. It seemed so complicated! There were folds and tucks that I had no idea about... and then it called for BIAS TAPE. What in the world was that!? Amazingly enough, I had gotten a huge box of sewing stuff from my old co-worker's wife... and after digging through it (I'd looked it up online to see what it was)... I found some! Yesterday was spent almost entirely on sewing that darn night gown... (except for the breaks I took to get on the computer and rest my neck/eyes). I am SO glad that is done with... so I thought I'd share the finished product with you! I think it turned out pretty good! (Cross your fingers that it fits her!!)
Are any of you working on projects for Christmas? I'd love to hear about them or see them!!


  1. Great job! :) I am making things for gifts for Christmas too. Nothing as complicated it seems. lol. I am making some sewn items(pillow covers, small clutch) and some jewelry pieces. :)

  2. I SERIOUSLY need to finish all of my Christmas projects for next year, this upcoming spring. There is so much that I want to do, but by the time Christmas rolls around, none of them are done, and I'm kicking myself in the skirt.

    I think it looks wonderful! I hope it fits too.

    Things left on my Christmas to do list: make a rainbow brite themed treasure chest with star sprinkles for my daughter, frame some photographs that I've taken for a friend, complete my homemade wrapping paper (I so badly want to give up on that one), and bake bake bake bake bake lots of goodies!

  3. It looks beautiful; you should be proud.


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