Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Merry Christmas Eve!!

Today is Christmas Eve (obviously). I have spent the morning so far in the kitchen. Not only were there a crap load of dishes to do... but there was also baking to be done!! My in-laws are the hardest people to get presents for. They are simple and sweet and really just don't expect presents. Plus, I can't imagine what we could get them that they don't already have or that they would really want or need anyway. SO... Cory and I decided to bake some raisin cookies for his dad (we got his mom something else). We swung around to a couple of stores and the raisin cookies were almost $4 (for like 6!)!!! So, after buying some shortening for $2 and some raisins for less than $2... we had everything else in the pantry and set to work this morning! I, personally, do not care for raisins... but they seemed to have turned out well... and the recipe made 20 cookies! So I think he'll be set!

Anyway... I wanted to share with you my Christmas Cards! I had made some back in November and tried to scrounge through my scrap booking papers for Christmas things to use... and I even went to a couple of craft stores and couldn't find anything that wasn't WAY too expensive. So I used what I could and made around 11 or 12. Then I decided to send some regular cards out that I had gotten at the end of the season last year. Well, wouldn't you know... I was at a Christmas Event at a local store where all Christmas items were 25% off... and I came across some make-it-yourself card kits (originally for photos) that were a good price... and I decided to get them and continue my block printing cards to finish out the rest of the addresses I had yet to send to. So... my apologies to friends and family who didn't get the handmade card... I am going to make more of an effort for next year!!
Don't forget to swing by tomorrow for Flashback Friday!!

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  1. Very sweet that you have such unassuming in-laws. Merry Christmas!!


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