Thursday, December 17, 2009

All Cracked Up...

Have you ever really thought about what the inside of an egg would look like frozen? Honestly, I never even gave it a thought until the other day when I went up to collect eggs from our chickens. We only got one that day... and it was cracked. So I brought it inside and pulled the top off... and here is what I saw...It's kind of cool! It wasn't frozen like an ice cube... it was more of like a slush. I know it's kind of a random thing to post about... but I thought it was interesting!

In other "news"... Tuesday Evening my mom and I hosted a Ladies Christmas Party for the women of my former workplace. We have done it the past two years. In the years prior to our "take-over"... the ladies would get together for dinner and do a gift exchange. The year that it was my turn to host it, my mom and I knew of a family who was having a hard time financially and so we organized the party in such a way that the ladies would still come for a dinner... but they would also buy presents for this family and bring them to the party to wrap and decorate. It would all be done anonymously--so the ladies wouldn't know the family and the family wouldn't know where the presents came from. The police agreed to take the presents to the home on Christmas Eve so that it would come from a neutral source. The idea was a big hit with the ladies and it REALLY blessed the family (we heard through the grapevine). So... we did it again the next year... and then again this year (blessing different families each time). So, Tuesday night went really well and I am so excited to know that we are going to help make Christmas special for a family who is struggling in these hard economic times. :) My cousin helped us out with decorating, setting up and serving... and my nephew was there also... which brings me to my next story that kind of ties in. Earlier that day, I stopped at Goodwill to look for sweaters to use in some of my projects. As I was browsing the SALE rack... I came across this hilarious little outfit. It was a corduroy, plaid one-piece jumpsuit... in a 4T! I had to get it. It was only 29 cents! So, I brought it with me to the Christmas Party.. and while the ladies were eating... my mom bribed my nephew (with money) to put on this jumpsuit while we were in the kitchen. He wasn't too sure about it at first... but after awhile, he enjoyed the attention... and it was a RIOT!!! We tried to get him to pose like John Travolta... but it didn't work out so well... LOL! Here are a couple of pics I thought I'd share... he is too cute and he cracks me up!!
Happy day before Friday!!

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  1. That egg is so neat! I have never seen one frozen like that before! I wonder why it's all yellow?

    Jaxson cracks me up. He honestly looks ADORABLE in that suit. ;) He looks like he should be on the Brady Bunch! LOL


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