Friday, December 18, 2009

Flashback Friday #7

Attack of the JNCO's #3

Ok... so... this picture is embarrassing... I look... gross. But oh well. This picture was taken during my first (and only) semester at college. Notice again that I am wearing JNCO's... and that tie-dye shirt was (Ok... it still is... but it has a bajillion holes in it now) one of my absolute favorite shirts!! It has a batik VW symbol on the front. Hard to believe this was in 2001. I feel like it wasn't that long ago... but holy crap... it was almost 9 years ago!! I definitely needed to do something with my eyebrows... and I think I was possibly surprised by the fact that a picture was being snapped!After my dropping out of college, my "style" changed due to the fact that I had to get real jobs and JNCO's didn't quite cut it as work attire! LOL! I must say... I do kind of miss my long hair though... but what can ya do!?

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  1. I think it's a great picture...and shirt :) I think we always look back harder on ourselves than we should! My favorite shirt in high school was this super cool tie dye a friend and her boyfriend had made for Christmas gifts. I'd still have it if it hadn't disintegrated!

  2. LOVE that shirt..I had one similar and also a tie dyed romper! How cool were we?! LOL

  3. hahaha, its like you've seriously written my life story!

    I went to college for one semester too ... before promptly dropping out. (Turns out theres not much you can do with a degree in creative writing, aside from write ... which I could do without a degree and $40,000 in debt)

    I still wear all of my old tye dyed shirts around the house though, most of which say Led Zeppelin on them.

    And that is totally a cute picture of you!

  4. hehehe...I think it is a great pic! And there is nothing wrong with your eyebrows!
    When I cut my hair a couple years back...I missed my long hair too! I am finally glad to have it back! LOL

  5. I could read about your adventures in JNCO land every flashback friday til the end of time :)


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