Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun > Fashion

My daughter is obsessed with shoes and hats.
I know that eventually this may become a problem as she gets older.
My husband already thinks that I have too many shoes in our small house.
I can only imagine how it will be when Eloise is a teenager!
Assuming she keeps up this fascination!!

I have to admit though...
it IS cute (at this stage).

Just today she brought her black dress shoes to me.
She wore them with socks and jeans.
I tried to get a picture but she kept avoiding the camera!
I let her wear them to town... even if it wasn't necessarily "fashionable". :)

I'm not at the point of letting her pick out her own clothes...
though I imagine that will be next...
But I WILL let her pick out her shoes - and if she decides to wear a hat - all the better!
(We make sure she wears a hat outside since she still has barely any hair--but she likes to wear them INSIDE as well!)

All of that to show you these pictures of her from earlier this week:

She loves those boots.
If the ground is mucky, she wears them outside...
but mostly, she likes to wear them IN.

And the hat was a gift from my aunt for Easter...
It's so cheesey - but she likes to play with it...
and it has been quite the laugh generator in our house
as she tries to put it on our heads!

Again with that hat... and her "cow girl boots".
Love it!

Hopefully she'll develop her own creative flare...
Lord knows, if she follows in my shoes...
she will continue to be fashionably challenged as I have no clue!

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  1. How adorable is she in those hats!!?
    The fascination may hold through! Adeline has been obsessed with shoes since about a year old, and to this day she has quite an extensive collection and truly loves them.
    Like sometimes as a reward she'd rather shoes than a new toy.

  2. Having the freedom to express her fashion is good & she looks to be having so much fun. Extra sweet photo in dress. Blessings!

  3. She and Bear would get along swimmingly: yesterday during all our errands he wore a XC-skiing jersey over his sweater and chatted with anyone who would ask about how he is a "motorcross biker". I was almost inspired to wear my current favorite outfit- pjs- to go shopping in!!!!


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