Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh Books, How I Love Thee.

I am a reader.
I don't know that I've always been...
I mean, back in school I can remember reading books like "The Babysitter's Club" and "The Boxcar Children"...
I never really got into "Nancy Drew" or "The Hardy Boys"...
and other than those few series I just mentioned, I can't even think of any young adult/kids authors that I'm familiar with.
I never liked to read for school but I always did it because I had to.
They always had us read such weird books though... weird.

As I got older...
(mostly when I had to work and was too pooped to do anything when I came home and didn't have anything but a couple of snowy channels that came through my rabbit-eared TV)
I would curl up with a book in the evenings.
Especially right before bed.
I always liked to have a little reading time to "unwind" before I'd fall asleep.

Before Eloise was born... I would read, read, read.
Looking back, I wonder why I didn't use my time more wisely...
so sue me!

When Eloise was a few months old and we had nursing down to a science...
I used that time to read. It was quiet and calm.
We had a good 2 or 3 months of those peaceful moments.
THAT doesn't happen anymore! :)

But to this day... I am a "before bed" reader.
I just can't help it... it's in my blood.

There is an AWESOME store that sells books pretty cheap in my town.
I HATE paying full price for a book... which is one of the reasons why
I refuse to buy a kindle. Who wants to pay $10 or more for a book that you can
get for $3 at the store!? Plus - there's just something wonderful about
having a BOOK in your hands and not another computer screen!

Anyway--my mom will pass books onto me.. or I'll get them from
my favorite store (mentioned above). It's always been kind of
hit or miss as far as authors and titles... but we've found some gems!

One of our favorite Author finds was
Jamie Langston Turner.

If you are looking for some GREAT reads...
buy her books. Try to start at the beginning... they all
weave together in some way - but starting at the top always makes
things flow a little better!!

Our current favorite find... is Charles Martin.
I think I've read every one of his books so far...
and I am SO pumped about his new one coming next month!

It's on my list to buy ASAP!


Charles Martin books (and Jamie Langston Turner) are
ones you hate to part with. You want to keep them on your
shelf (or in my case... box under the bed since I have no shelf to display them at the moment) forever.
I suppose I COULD see if they are available at the library...
but it's just not the same for me as owning them.
Plus--our little library has very little to offer for my tastes!

A few of my other favorites are:

Ted Dekker
Frank Peretti
Erin Healy

Do you have a favorite author?
I would love to hear!
Maybe I could check out something you suggest!

This girl already loves books... you can never start too early!


  1. I'm a Ted Dekker fanatic. I'm pretty sure I'm got the entire circle series memorized word for word :)

  2. I haven't read any of those authors. I am so stuck on reading non-fiction, Christian theological books! ;) Maybe you should let me borrow one of your books? ;)

    LOVE that photo of eloise! Give her a kiss from me!

  3. I love to read also, I will look into the authors you recommended. Currently, I am reading "As I Lay Dying" by William Faulkner, a true classic. I guess as one gets older their taste is books also changes, I know mine has. I know what store you are referring to and I also love that store. Remember to keep on the look out for the library's annual book sale, they also have some good ones for both you and Eloise.


  4. I have an unnatural desire to "own" books. LOL. So I can relate. I love books. I just ordered 2 (they were Christmas gifts). Large Family Logistics and a cookbook. I can't wait to receive them. I have enjoyed reading Voddie Baucham books as of lately. It's hard to find the time but it is one of favorite activities. Have a blessed day.


  5. Have you checked out the selection in Goodwill lately? I usually find a few during each visit, after I read them, I pass them onto friends and family, sort of recycling. I am not into the romance novels at all, can't stand them.


  6. So sweet to see Eloise so absorbed in her books. I loved reading to my kids. I requested some books on gardening & Tasha Tudor at my local libray today. Very small libray but some times they can have books sent in from other places. I hated reading in school. Nothing assigned was really good either. Blessings!

  7. LOL....Nen, maybe I should pass on your books to Katy....since I live closer to her than I do you and when she is done, she can pass them back to you...I still have a crate of books in my car to give back/lend to you! And more on the kitchen counter to add to it....I agree, "books, how I love thee!" And am like you, love to read right before going to sleep!!!

  8. I'm the same way~I read a bit every night before going to sleep. It's how I unwind! And I am unable to read as much as I used to; my time has been whittled down as we've had each child. :)


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