Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Sick Sweetie

It's finally happened... Eloise has caught a cold.

We have had brief stints of panic over the past year when her nose would run for, like, 2 whole seconds. We'd think she'd be getting sick, but THANKFULLY she never really did. This week has been different though. She woke up coughing on Monday... and it's progressed with a runny nose and a slight fever. Today was the worst (hopefully that means it'll start to get better tomorrow!). I spent most of the afternoon trying to calm her as she was crying and crying... she seemed soothed the most as I wiped her head with a cool wash cloth.

(No make up or hair-do for this mama today.. and you can't see it, but I'm wearing sweatpants... and so is El!)

We bribed her with cheese to get her to sit in her highchair and eat some dinner. But after dinner, she was again in my arms and very, very tired. I held her and read to her as Cory wiped her head with the cool cloth. We played some lullaby music and eventually she fell asleep in my arms.

She is now tucked away, all snuggled in her crib with Minnie Mouse.
I anticipate that she'll be up again in a couple of hours or so... but I don't mind. At least I'll know that she is still breathing! And I want to comfort her as much as I can.

Cory went to the store to get some OTC baby medicine in case we need it. I am kind of hoping he will bring some sort of junk food home. I try to eat healthy as much as possible, I really do... but when I'm stressed... I just CRAVE sugar and JUNK! I'm crossing my fingers for a Shamrock Shake... but even just a cookie or something would help! haha

I know that kids get sick all of the time, so I shouldn't be stressed...
but what can I say! No one likes to see their child suffer!

Oh.. and to top it off, yesterday she hit her chin off of a little end table we have... and now she looks like this:

It's not a scrape, it's some weird bruise.
I hope it goes away soon!
And her poor little runny nose and glassy eyes.
I wish it were me and not her!!

If you think about it, please say a little prayer for Eloise!
It would be much appreciated!


  1. So sorry your precious little one is not feeling well. I am sure she feels comfort from you in your loving mommy arms. Her little chin makes me shiver. Our little ones get bumps & scrapes from time to time. I know a mommy feels the pain in her heart longer than her little on feels it. But that is what a mommies love is. Lifting Eloise in prayer that our Heavenly Father touches her with healing & speedy recovery. Prayer lifted for her mommy to. Get some rest. Hope you get your shake. Sounds refreshing. Blessings!

  2. aww sick kiddos are the worst! It's just ingrained in us as mothers always do do do for our kids, so when you have to let something like this just run it's course it's heart breaking. Thank goodness for your soft mommy cuddles though :)

    Praying for you guys :)

  3. I have been up since 1am...just can't sleep. So I have been praying for her and whoever else the Lord puts on my mind! Give her big hugs from me!!!

  4. Adeline and I are praying for her to feel better, I know that's rough, Momma!

  5. Hope she feels better today. Mel

  6. prayers and good vibes to Eloise! I am so glad to be your newest reader- we have so much to chat about- I'm originally from PA - the Lehigh Valley area and I adore adore adore Nourishing Traditions!!!!! And want to know about the sugar blues- been thinking of buying it and the eat fat, lose fat- just switched to mainly coconut oil. OOOH, I will be back :)


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