Monday, April 2, 2012

What's the Buzz??

This is the BUZZ at our house.


Last year we had issues with bees getting into our house.
I got stung behind my ear one night while in bed!
Needless to say, I woke up and FREAKED!
Luckily I'm not allergic, but Cory is!

We tried to find the source of the bees... and we *think* they
were coming from our heater ducts or something(?).
I don't know the technical terms.

Of course we had no bees in the wintertime...
Until a few weeks ago.
The mild weather brought them out early.
Except this time they were in El's room!
We had a nightly check before she went to bed...
and I'd also check before laying her down to nap.

If you could see her room... you would see blue painters
tape in the most unusual places. It is ridiculous.
BUT... Cory has marked spots to check.
Our old house isn't necessarily the most well built.
We aren't sure if they are coming in from the attic or
if there are places around the windows.
You get the idea.

Anyway - last Friday, Cory's parents came out and
decided to check the shutters. We have noticed that there
are quite a few bees and wasps hanging around the windows.

And well... yeah.

We still aren't sure how they are getting IN...
but thank the Good Lord for my in laws.
They took every shutter off of the house...
knocked down all of the hives...
scrubbed the shutters AND the siding...
then put the shutters back on!
All while Eloise and I played inside and
Cory was at work!

I'm hoping this will help our little problem
now that the weather is starting to really warm up!!

AAANNNDDD... my neighbor just drove by on his lawn
tractor as he is MOWING OUR LAWN!
We know some pretty swell folks around here!


  1. I'm pretty sure that's my worst nightmare right there! My mother in law had them living inside of the floo to her chimney last summer. God Bless that blue painters tape!

    I hope that the shutter scrubbing is the end to your problem!

  2. Glad you got your bee problem solved. They come down here and solve our ant problem. We have sprayed and sprayed and still see these tiny ants.

  3. ha for a second I was like, no way she's raising bees! I'll have to ask her about it and then I read on... hope the issue is fixed and the bees can go on pollinating everything OUTDOORS!! ;)


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